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Chapter 2 – The new student

2 weeks later...

“Lisa-chan, after school meet me at the front gate, OK?! Jaa na.." Daiki reminded me, before he left.

"Hai~! Sayonara Dai-chan!" I replied, nodding and smiling widely. *YATTA!! ^_^ Every time when Daiki picks me up after school, he would always buy me snacks... XD XD... What should I ask him to buy today?... Uh... there's that new strawberry flavour biscuits in LOTS of kawaii shapes! The same one that Yama-chan bought for me, last time. It was yummy na...!! Hehehe... *

“Minna!!! I heard from other students that there will be a new student in our class today! Is it true?? Is the new student a girl?? Or boy??” Chii suddenly came running towards us, out of no-where, and started asking us questions non-stop.

“Eh? Hontouni? I'm not sure... Sorry Chii” Ryutaro answered back, as we went inside our classroom, heading towards our own seats.

“Yea... I'm not sure too..” Keito continued and looked at what Yuto was doing beside him.

“Sou ka... what about you two?” Chii then looked at me and Yama-chan.

“Hmm?” Yama-chan looked up from his manga book.

“I think the new student's a girl... demo why are you so interested about this new student?” I looked at Chii and saw him blushing.

“I see... I think I know why now... hahaha...” Yama-chan added, grinning at Chii.

“Nande yo?! It's not what you're thinking, Stupid manga boy!!” Chii quickly replied, but blushed even more.

“OII... you Chibi boy!!” Yama-chan shouted back, glaring at the chibi boy; with me stuck in between them two. The manga boy vs the chibi boy. Leaving both me and Ryu laughing our heads off, as we watched their childish fight.

“Chii... what happen?? Why is your face soo RED??!!” Yuto suddenly asked all worried, when he looked up and saw Chii's still RED face.

“Ehh...? Oh... Betsuni~!” Chii managed to say and got up from his chair. But once he got up, walking towards the door.

“Chinen Yuri, where do you think you're going?” Sensei asked from the door.

She was just outside the classroom, when she saw Chii got up from his chair walking towards her. “Class is about to start na.” She continued, looking at Chii.

“Un.. Betsuni...” Chii replied back, sitting back down beside me.

Swinging his feet as he rested his chin on his arms above the table, pouting his soft red lips. All of us could hear girls voice, both in front of us and behind us. Some were whispering to their friends and some were screaming out how cute Chii looks. While other boys just sits on their sit and glares at the cute boy for stealing the heart of the girls they love.

Sensei walked toward to her desk, placing down her laptop, bag, and all her books and notes for class. Once the whole class was looking at her, she began talking. “Minna Ohayo... Today, a new student will be joining our class and she'll be here in any min-” *KNOCK KNOCK*

Sensei walked back towards the door and slide it open, revealing the new student. Some boys were whispering to their friends. But most of the boys dropped their mouth wide open, making an 'O' shape. *Wahh... she's really pretty na. * I thought to myself.

“Uh... You must be the new student. Ohayo Gozaimasu! Please come in.” Sensei welcomed her and they both went to the centre. “Now, please introduce yourself to the class whenever you're feeling ready.” Sensei continued.

“Hai sensei..” She replied softly and smiled at the class. “Minna ohayo! Tsukino Hotaru desu. 15 sai desu. And I love Arashi yo~!! Minna... hajimemashite dozo yoroshiku~!! Hope we can all become good friends na~!!” She introduced herself, looking at Chinen most of the time, smiling.

“Hai~!! So class, please make Hotaru-san feel welcome and Hotaru-san, since we have a girl- boy- girl- boy sitting plan, you can sit there *Points to the empty sit next to Chii* next to Chinen Yuri. During class break, Chinen-kun please show Hotaru-san around the school.” Sensei finishes off, and soon class starts. *Why am I feeling like this? Why is my heart started going Doki Doki once I saw this boy?!*

“Hai sensei...” Chii replied in his cheerful voice.

Since her sit is now beside Chii which beside Chii is me and next to me is Yama-chan. As Hotaru came closer and closer towards us, I suddenly notice something different... not about Chii and Hotaru, but something about Yama-chan... Why is he suddenly so quiet today and keeps sighing?

“Yama-chan, daijoubu?” I asked him with a worried face.

“Un... nani?” He asked back, looking surprised by my question.

“Betsuni... its just that you're so quiet today...” I replied looking at him. But sees him sighing again for the Nth time.

*Why am I feeling like this once I saw Hotaru? But then what about Lisa-chan...? Am I always just like a big brother for her?! >///< Arghh.. I'm so confused!!*

*Yama-chan, I know you're lying... I know you're not OK... But why you're not telling me the reason?*

*DONG DONG DONG * - Lunch Break

“Yatta~!! Minna meet me at the canteen.. I got to go to the toilet … arghh... NOW!!!” Ryutaro quickly told us where to meet and the next minute he had already disappeared.

“Ano.. Tsukino-san... Yamashita Lisa desu. I'm 15 sai too! Hajimemashite dozo yoroshiku~!! Hope we can be good friends na~!!” I went to where Hotaru was sitting and talked to her for the first time.

“Un... hai~!! And please call me Hotaru. Hahaha... Tsukino-san is too formal.” She replied, smiling.

“Hai.. hehe.. Hotaru-chan, you can just call me Lisa too!” I replied, smiling back.

“Hai... Lisa-chan... Ano.. how long have you known Chinen-kun and the others? You guys seem very close ne.” She asked looking down.

*Am I falling for Chinen-kun already? But... today's my first day here. It's also the first time we meet too...and we haven't even talk or did anything together yet...! HOTARU.. What are you thinking?!*

“Hai... Me, Yama-chan, Chii, Keito-kun, Yuto-kun and Ryu-chan; all know each other since very little; since me and Ryu were still a baby. And... I love Yama-chan~!! hehe...” I said excitely, smiling widely.

“Sou ka... haha... No wonder, I see you and Yamada-kun extra close, if compare to you to Yuto-kun or Keito-kun.” She replied, slightly looking up. “Na.. what about Chinen-kun?” She asked.

“We're all best friends with Chii and he's so cute yo.. haha.. But sometimes can get very n-” Suddenly, I was stopped by someone, from behind, tapping my shoulder. “Chii?”

“Hai... I'm surprised you still know I'm here, right Yama-chan?” He complained and pouted. Next to him was Yama-chan staring into space.

“Yama-chan...” I called his name. No reply.

“Yama-chan?” I called again and waved my hand in front of his face. But still no reply. So, me and Chii shouted his name again for the third time, “YAMADA!!”

“Eh? Nani?” Yama-chan asked us when he was snapped back to reality, his face still showing a shock/confuse look.

“We're the one who should ask you that.. Yama-chan, whats wrong?” Chii asked.

“Betsuni... I didn't have enough sleep last night...” He lied again.

*Just tell us what's wrong. Yama chan... when you're being like this, you just make me even more worried about you...* I thought to myself.

“Lets go to the canteen now, or else if Ryu goes there before us and sees us not there yet.. he'll get worried and scared~!! Haha...” Chii said, and laughed.

“Hai.. let's go~! I'm REALLY REALLY hungry na!!” I said, rubbing why tummy. Then suddenly my tummy made some weird noises making everyone there laugh. *So embarrassing!! >_<*

“Un~! Hayaku! Hayaku na! Or else, she'll faint like last time.” Yuto teased me, and reminded everyone about how I fainted last time when we went to the themepark.

“Yea.. this baka-chan didn't eat anything before we went. But all the rest of us did. So after a long day of playing, screaming and laughing; when we were about to go, we saw her face all pale and she was walking very slow yo. So we went to her to see whats wrong and then she suddenly fainted...” Chii added and looked at me, laughing and patting my head at the same time.

“Yea... and seeing her faint, it made him *pointing to Yama-chan* nearly faint too. Haha... So we all got worried and sent her to hospital immediately.” Yuto continued and teased Yama-chan as well.

“Un... And then when the doctor came out...” Chii said and stopped.

“The doctor said that she fainted because she haven't eaten anything and since we were at the themepark for the whole day, she used up all her energy long time ago. Which resulted her to faint. The doctor even said that she's very strong because if anyone were like her, playing the whole day without eating anything, that person would have fainted long time ago.” Keito said finishing off Chii's sentence, repeating what the doctor had said.

“Hai~! Hai~!” All the boys agreed.

“But why didn't you tell us that you were hungry?” Yama-chan suddenly asked.

"Nande yo...! Because when we were playing, I forgot all about being hungry and we had so much fun!! But when we were about to go home, I suddenly felt tired and dizzy, which was when I had just remembered that I haven't eaten anything since that morning. But when I saw you guys coming towards me, everything started to become blurry. The next minute, everything had gone black. Then when I woke up, I was already in hospital and you guys were around me. Yama-chan was holding my hands too! Hehe...” I told them, smiling weakly. But also smiling at the last part, remembering Yama-chan's worried face and having him holding my hands tightly.

Then I felt a hit on my head, then another and another and another. Total 4 times, from 4 different boys; Yama-chan, Yuto, Chii and Keito.

“What a baka ne~!” They all said together and laughed.

At the canteen...

“Ah.. Minna... where have you guys been? I went to the toilet and already ordered my food!” Ryu shouted when he saw us walking into the canteen. He was looking worried and also slightly mad, with his hands on his hips.

“We were talking about Lisa-chan's story... haha...” Chii answered and laughed. While all the others nodded.

“About what?” Ryu asked looking confused. “What story?”

“Nothing.. haha...” We all said in unison making Ryu not only having a worried, mad and confused face. But now also pissed too.

When school finishes...


“Class dismiss” Sensei said, and everyone started packing up their stuff to go home.

When I was near the school gate where Daiki had told me to go in the morning. Yama-chan was still very far away, near the school buildings with the others beside him.

“Yama-chan, I got to go la. Dai-chan is waiting for me... And call me tonight, or go on MSN! OK!” I shouted to Yama-chan, waving goodbyes to them all.

“Uh... Hotaru-chan! Nice to meet you today! Hehe...” I talked to her, while we were existing the school together.

“Hai... where are you going now?” She asked me.

“That way.... my friend is picking me up.” I replied in a cheerful mood.“You?”

*Soon, I'll get to eat all the snacks that Daiki buys for me!! hahaha...*

“That way, I have part-time job tonight.” She replied pointing to the other direction.

“Uh... I see my friend. See you tomorrow, Hotaru-chan!” I waved good bye and left.

Hotaru POV

*Lisa ran to a boy around 18 or 19 and after he sees her. He gave her something and then ruffled her hair. Both of them were laughing happily together and then they went inside the boy's car.*

“Eh? A boy? But doesn't she like Yamada-kun?” I asked myself, tilting my head in confusion.


“Here!” Daiki said, holding the box of biscuits that I had wanted, that strawberry favoured biscuits. But all the shapes on this one was about love, so it was filled with shapes with couples, hearts, kiss prints on them.

“Wahh.. arigato Dai-chan! Hehe..” I smiled widely and took the box, as he ruffled my hair. Then we went inside his car.

“What did you guys do today?” Daiki asked me, while driving me to his house to help him with one of his projects.

“We had a new student...” I answered, while eating the strawberry biscuits.

“Girl or boy?” Daiki asked again.

“A Girl... ” I replied. Then suddenly I stopped eating and realized something.

* Yama-chan was acting strange today... right after we saw Hotaru... Does it have something to do with her? What if he likes her?!*

My head was now filled with questions, even though I don't want to think about it anymore. But Daiki noticed somethings was wrong once I stopped eating.

“Lisa-chan... what happen? Something wrong? You don't like that girl?” He asked. Looking at me, then back on the road where he is driving.

“Iie.. iie.. She's really nice. Nani?” I asked looking at him.

“Betsuni.. its just that you suddenly stopped eating after I asked you about the new student.” He replied, but I could tell he not satisfied with my answer.

“Ano... Dai-chan... Do you think Yama-chan like me?” I suddenly asked him.

“Of course~! Haha...” He quickly said, smiling. *I can't say if he do or not. All I know is that I still love you. But if I say he likes you, then you'll be happy. If your happy then I'm happy too.*

“Dai-chan, I'm serious but I'm confuse too... I don't know if he only think of me as his little sister or as best friend...” I said, looking down. My vision then started to get blurry.

Suddenly a drop of tear rolled down my cheeks, all by itself... then followed by another and another. Soon I was crying and he saw it.

Immediately, he stopped the car.

*Wahh... lucky we were right at the traffic lights and it was on red light too.. Or else we'll end up in a car accident like this!*

“Lisa-chan... why are you crying? Tell me... I know you're hiding something...” He asked in a worried voice.

“I don't know if he love me or not.” I cried, telling him the truth.

“Ehmm...” He started, not knowing what to say. Then continued, “Well, do you love him? What's important is that you know what you want, yourself. Who you really love!”

“I love him! I really really love him! I'll do anything to be with him! Dai-chan... arigato!” I said and smiled at him. He then smiled back.

I looked down at the biscuits in my hands, at all kawaii shaped biscuit with a happy couple print and a love heart shape in the middle. But a few seconds later when I looked up, Daiki's smile had turned into a sad face and I noticed his eyes were now shiny too, like mine.

Then both of us sighed together.

*Sigh* *Daiki must still haven't let go of his feeling for me...ever since we were little. But why? There's many other girls who like him?* I wondered.

*Sigh* * Why I can say this to her, but why can't I do it myself?!*

* HORN * * HORN*

“Uh...It's green light already..” Daiki mumbled and did a sorry sign using his hands, outside the window. He then started driving. Soon we arrived at his house.

“Dai-chan, what's your project about?” I asked when I got out of the car, with the box still in my hands.

“Um.. I'll tell you when we get inside.”He replied and blushed. *How do I explain this to her when its a experiment about Chemistry?! And it only works with 1 girl and 1 boy?!! >//<*




Minna.. Arigato for reading yo~! Hope you all like it! XD

SORRY for my bad grammar and bad ENGLISH...!! >//<
Please comment, all comments are loved~! XD And if any one have ideas to make this become more better, please say tell me ne~!! Hehe...