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part 2

A week past

Hotaru woke up and looked at her digital clock it showed 7:00am on a monday she got up took a half an hour shower came out smelling like cherries she went to her closet to find her school uniform all clean after putting it on she puts a little bit of make up perfume and makes her hair into a ponytail goes down stairs and sees her mom still cooking so she goes and check if everyone is awake her dad is in the living room on the phone and helios is coming down stairs Hotaru laughed at him and helios sticks his tongue out Hotaru goes and sees if her mom needs help her mom needs no help so she goes to her room and checks if she's down her homework she is so she watches videos until breakfast is done she paused the video to hear her mom say breakfast is done she opens her door and closes it and heads down stairs she's the last one to get to the table and sit down they all start to eat when Helios and Hotaru were done breakfast they went straight to school while walking to school Helios asks Hotaru if she knows something about Chinen and her she answers huh? what do you mean? Helios just says i guess not then Hotaru says what is it i want to know Helios says he'll tell when he's good and ready okay? Hotaru just says oh okay i'll wait and smiles when they got to the school gate helios went straight to his friends and Hotaru just standed there looking for Chinen and the other two she didn't want to see Yamada but i guess not because here comes Yamada Hotaru just stands there looking at him wanting him to go somewhere else Yamada's walking toward with a unexplainable face but Hotaru sees Chinen and the others running towards them all of a sudden Hotaru felt a hard slap on her face that made her land on the ground with watery eyes she looked up to see Yamada smirking Yamada knelt down and whispered in her ear come with me after school if you don't want me to do more nobody else but Chinen, Ryutaro and Keito seen that scene that just happened that made them run faster to Hotaru Chinen ran faster then them so he just moved Yamada away from Hotaru he looked at Hotaru to see a hand print on her face and her watery eyes so Chinen just lost control and punched Yamadas face and he hit the ground and he yelled how dare you hit her you Bastard!!! while holding Yamadas shirt collar that made everyone look at them Yamada moved Chinens hand and got up and punched him he fell to the ground and Yamada kicked him 5 times and pulled Hotaru with him but not to the school to his car Keito went after Hotaru but they got away since they went in a car while Ryutaro was tryna make Chinen to stand up and go to the nurses office but Chinen didn't want to go to the nurses office he wanted to follow where they went but they used Hotaro would want you to go to the nurse Chinen said true but she's in trouble more and he frowns so he just went to the nurse mean while in the car with Hotaro and Yamada Yamada was really mad so he hit Hotarus leg a few times and stopped Hotarus face still hurt but now her leg then she felt Yamada on her she looked at him and he crashed his and Hotarus lips together Hotarus hands were being held by one of Yamadas hands over her head  Hotaru tried getting lose but Yamada is pretty strong so she stopped trying to get lose but kept begging him to stop kissing her neck she felt him rip her shirt and the buttons of her uniform went flying everywhere in the car and he tried going for her pants but stopped when Hotaru screamed at him to stop Yamada got off of Hotaru and sat and stared at her broken uniform and shirt and her messed up make up and hair Yamada says to the driver take me to the house Hotaru said i want to go home Yamada says you wanna go home like that Hotaru looks down and says no Yamada takes of his school uniform jacket and says here put this on i don't want anyone to think anything Hotaru looks at the jacket and blushes and puts it on the car stopped and Yamada got out and told Hotaru to get out Hotaru just sat there and said no Yamada got in the car and grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the car and to the house Hotaru was looking down then looked up when someone called Yamada she looked and seen a maid so Hotaru looked at the house doesn't look like he's rich from the outside but inside is a whole different story Yamada told them there was no school Hotaru looked at him with a your lying face Yamada dragged Hotaru to his room Yamada's bedroom was bigger than Hotarus room with the colour green and blue very stylish Hotaru was told to sit down she didn't want to obey but she had to or else Yamada locked the door and went to his desk and sat there for 30 minutes while Hotaru was digging in her bag for her phone to text Chinen and the others to come save her from Yamada she found it and texted them just before Yamada was done Yamada showed it to her Hotaru had big eyes with amazment it was a drawing of her she smiled and said wow you're a very good artist even though she thinks Chinens drawings are better Yamada smiles and pins it up on his wall Hotaru didn't know Yamada had a younger sister named Usagi because she just seen a picture that said usagi and my little sister on it on his wall then Hotaru heard a knock on the door Yamada went to open it and it was his little sister and asks yes sister want do you need? Usagi says your suposed to be in school you bad boy Hotaru giggles at the scene Usagi looks at Hotaru hey! it's you from the... Yamada covered her mouth and he knelt down and told her not to say anything about those okay? Usagi nods and goes back to her room and plays with her dolls Hotaru says wow your sisters so cute Yamada says i know such a cutie with a smile  

at school with Chinen and the others Chinen was sent home for an injury even though it's just a cut Ryutaro and Keito got told to walk Chinen home and to make sure he doesn't get hurt some more Chinen was kicking a can all the way home and thinking of what happened to Hotaru he sighs and says i wonder if she's alright Ryutaro answers she should be okay right? Keito says yeah she will be okay hey you guys... he stopped talking when his phone vibrated and they all read their phone message from Hotaru they all texted back where are you? and still walkng towards Chinens house they got there and Chinen unlocked the door since he knows his two sisters are at school and mom and dad are at work he walks in his house and whispers i'm home takes off his shoes and goes to the kichen and Ryutaro and Keito follow Chinen grabs out the cake from the fridge he bought before seeing Yamada with Hotaru so much 

at Yamadas house it's already 12:00pm Hotaru and Yamada are eating already Hotaru is still pretty scared to be alone with him but at least little usagi is here Hotaru stopped eating as she forgot to check the messages she got from Yamada and the others she texted back I'm at Yamadas house. Yamada asked who Hotaru was texting? Hotaru answered my friends why do you want to know in a rather annoyed voice Yamada hit the table which maybe Hotaru jump a little and he said because i need to know since you're mine Hotaru standed up and said what! i'm not yours i'm Chinens hotaru regreted saying that because Yamada standed up walked towards her and slapped her hard again and says you're mine no one elses Hotaru held her cheek and standed up and ran towards the door but Yamada grabbed her wrist and threw to the floor and said where do you think your going!! Hotaru just lied on the floor holding her side and cheek while tears escaped Yamada went back to the table and started to eat again usagi was up stairs already since she finished before them she came down stairs to check what happened she sees hotaru on the floor and goes to help her and takes her to her room Usagi says no blood was shed but bruises were made by Yama-chan sorry Hotaru but he's like that if you love him you have to face thoughs hits Hotaru just started sobbing more and said she doesn't love him but she's scared to be killed if she leaves him Usagi pats her head and asks hey do you want to go home tonight ? Hotaru nods her head and says please Usagi says okay i'll call someone for you okay ? Hotaru nods and says can you call this number for me and writes it down on paper and after that she blacks out
at Chinens house they were busy eating so they ignored there cellphone but they were done now and texted back oh kay later on that day Chinen got a call from Usagi telling him to be here at nine it was eight thirty he asked his mom to borrow her car and so he drove to Yamadas house it took awhile to find it but he found it since he seen Usagi waving her hands Chinen parked beside her and said i'm here now what? Usagi points at Hotaru and says that's what Chinen gets out of his car and picks her up and says thanks to usagi Usagi opens the car door and Chinen puts Hotaru in the front seat buckles her in and closes the door and says thank you so much and hugged usagi Usagi says welcome and hugs back and says hurry get out of here before he comes Chinen nods his head and gets in the car and drives away he looks at Hotaru a few times seeing that shes in boy clothes and wondering if he did something to her seeing the hand mark on her cheek made him think he probablely slapped her again and drives to Hotarus house when he gets there he parks and knocks on the front door Hotarus mom answers it and was surprised to see Chinen carring Hotaru Chinen walks inside and goes towards Hotarus room opens the door and puts Hotaru on the bed and cover her with a blanket he got startled by Helios Helios asked where was she? Chinen answers she was at Yamadas with a frown same with helios he frowned too Helios went down stairs to tell everyone she was at Yamadas house to sleep over once Maxine asked is she awake? Helios answered no not yet and they went back to doing things while Chinen is up stairs sitting beside Hotarus bed soon Chinen fell asleep on the floor after half an hour everybody else went to sleep

AN/ sorry for my bad grammer