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Unknown person may cause some problems

have you ever felt so scared that you don't know what happens well this is where the story starts this story is about about a girl named Hotaru Tsukino Hotaru is the type of girl that couldn't defend herself from anyone one day it became worse because she met a guy named Ryosuke Yamada Yamada is the kind of guy who doesn't tell anybody his real self. Hotaru was walking home from school when she bumped into someone that is... it seems like the person was runinng from someone else as soon as she stopped being surprised by falling she got up and brushed off the dirt from her uniform then she turned around and looked at the person who bumped into her she looked at the beautiful boy with perfect eyes, very nice shaped lips. she thought everything looked so perfect as she looked at him little did she know that she was staring pretty long at him as soon as Hotaru relized she looked down and blushed she looked back when she heard him say sorry for bumping into you he smiled at Hotaru then she smiled back then Hotaru asked what his name is? he anwsered Ryosuke Yamada nice to meet you my friends call me Yama-Chan with a smile Yamada asked the same question Hotaru anwsered Hotaru Tsukino nice to meet you too with a blush Yamada asked where do you go to school Hotaru? Hotaru says i go to Hakaru gakusen same school as you silly hehe Yamada just laughs Hotaru asks how come you weren't at school today ? Yamada frowns and says i i i... had to help with some friends Hotaru frowns and says sounds like your lying to me Yamada says while shaking his head no no no i'm not Hotaru smiles and says well see you tommorow at school i have to get home bye bye and waves goodbye Yamada just nods his head while Hotaru is walking home shes thinking Yamada is such a hot guy Hotaru gets home and says i'm home then her mom pokes her head out of the kitchen and says welcome home and smiles Hotaru was walking to her room when she heard her mom say dinner will be done soon Hotaru yells okay mom! she opens her bedroom door and remembers her school bag shes thinks for awhile and remembered it's at school she curses herself because there's a test tommorow after cursing she heard her twin brother calling her hotaru sighs and walks to his room and asks yes what do you want helios? helios asks how come you took so long to get home? Hotaru anwsers some friends bumped into me and asked if i wanted to go somewhere with them but i said no so they walked home with me she smiles Helios says haha i know your lying so tell me Hotaru sighs and then says okay some guy named Yamada bumped into me so we talked for a while thats all and she blushed and plus it wasn't that long she sticks her tongue out Helios was shocked to hear that name but he doesn't know why but he brushed it off his mind and laughs at his sisters blush and answers so what if you got stabed and then what? Hotaru just ingored what he said and helios and Hotaru went down stairs to eat dinner with their mom Maxine and dad Robert after dinner Hotaru went to her room and remembered that she forgot her bag at school and so she just watched tv and watched videos while singing along of course :) after she was done watching her videos she tried to remember what was on the test but no avail Hotaru got up from her bed and checked what everyone was doing mom was reading a book while dad's watching football and helios is reading manga while there all in the living room Hotaru goes back up stairs to her room she closes the door and goes to sit on her bed and remembers Yamada while blushing  Hotaru gets up and gets a pen and paper from her desk and writes Yamadas name in handwriting and sticks it in her pocket Hotaru sits back on her bed and out of no where she says Ryosuke Yamada she was shocked but happy Hotaru goes to turn off the lights to go to bed she leaves one light on and lies down on her bed and puts the covers on and slowly falling a sleep while thinking of Yamada with a smile In the morning Hotaru wakes up and looks at the digital clock it shows 7:30 am Hotaru gets out of bed and takes a quick shower hotaru walks to her closet and gets her uniform and puts it on after putting on her uniform and her fixing hair and a little make up she fixes her bed Hotaru opens her bedroom door and closes it and walks down stairs to eat breakfast her mom just finished breakfast she sits down and says good morning mom her mom replys good morning dear she looks at the stairs to see Helios walking down stairs lazy he looks towards Hotaru Hotaru is laughing at his lazyness Hotaru looks at her mom and sees she smiling at him helios sits down and dad comes down and sits down After breakfast Hotaru and Helios head out the door and walks to school together since there in the same school and grade the school isn't that far like only 10 mins or 5 mins Hotaru saw Yamada and tried hiding from him behind helios Helios asks what's wrong? so Hotaru came from behind helios and says nothing really just got nervous haha Helios just says oh and goes toward where his friends are leaving Hotaru alone looking at Yamada Yamada looks like he's looking for someone Hotaru blushes at the thought that he's looking for her Yamada looks toward Hotaru and starts to walk to her Hotaru is looking straight at him while blushing Yamada says Good morning Hotaru-Chan Hotaru was shocked from him saying chan already but says Good morning back Hotaru and Yamada walk to class together since there in the same class Hotaru sits in her desk while Yamada goes and gets his books in his locker he comes back and sits down in his desk just after him Hotarus best friends Chinen, Ryutaro, Keito walk in and say good morning to hotaru and just looks at Yamada with questioning eyes Hotaru says good morning back and seen there eyes asking why are you here and says you know Ryosuke Yamada right? all three nodded in chorus Chinen says good morning Yamada Yamada says good morning to you too Chinen Ryutaro and Keito seen their glares at eachother Ryutaro and Keito knows that Chinen loves Hotaru for awhile now Hotaru notices there glare and says wow! what is that for? Chinen and Yamada looks at her and smiles while saying nothing really Hotaru nods Hotaru looks at the door to see the two mean girls minako and rye well mean to her only nobody else. Minako and Rye both sees Chinen and Yamada at her desk so they go try and talk with them but Chinen says yes? what do you want ? same with Yamada the two girls just asks wanna come to the arcade after school? Chinen says no because he wants to chill out with Hotaru after school Yamada just says straight out no for the same reason the two girls just walked to their desks and sit down, Hotaru was smiling because they got denied but she didn't know they wanted to chill with her instead of minako and rye Ryutaro and Keito just sat there laughing quitely they all stopped laughing when the teacher lucy came in saying good morning class everyone replyed good morning teacher while everybody else is working Hotaru can't help the feeling someone's looking at her and looks at the back of her sure enough Yamada's looking at her Hotaru looks at Chinen who's working as usual she smiles and looks at the front of the class again and starts to work it's lunch time Hotaru goes out of the class and waits for her friends by her locker soon Chinen came then Yamada then the other two so they went to the cafeteria together got food and went to a table and ate while they were eating Ryutaro was whining about there's still classes after lunch all four of them laughed at his babyness after eating they went outside keito and ryutaro went out first then Chinen Hotaru was about to open the door to go outside when she felt someone grabbing her arm it was Yamada he dragged Hotaru to the boys bathroom Hotaru looked at him and asked why am i in the boys bathroom? Yamada answers sarcasticly because i can't go in the girls bathroom and pushed Hotaru againist the door and locked it and he started kissing her Hotaru was so scared she wanted to run but she was scared what might happen if she does Hotaru felt his tongue begging for enterance hotaru kept her mouth shut tears started to fall Hotaru felt Yamada put his arm around her waist and grab her  Yamada stopped and told her not to tell anyone or else he unlocked the door and told Hotaru to fix herself before coming out he went out of the washroom to be stopped by Chinen asking where Hotaru is Yamada lied and said i don't know man Chinen wenting running towards her locker Yamada smirked when Hotaru came out of the washroom Hotaru gave Yamada a death glare and went walking towards her locker but got stopped by Yamada holding her wrist he asked where she was going Hotaru answered with a rather angry voice my locker and pulled her wrist away Hotaru walked slowly towards her locker thinking what should i do but she decided not to say anything she seen Ryutaro and Keito run past her but stopped when they noticed it was her Chinen came running towards her too Hotaru asked what's wrong? Chinen answers what's wrong all of a sudden you were gone where were you ? he asked Hotaru answers i i i... was in the class room Chinen had a funny feeling hearing that but didn't want to get her upset so he said oh that's the last place i was gonna check haha while scratching his head Hotaru just nods and says ahh.. Ryutaro and Keito had a feeling to ask what really happened but decided not too Hotaru went behind Chinen when she seen Yamada Chinen looked where she was looking to find Yamada Yamada was smirking walking towards them Chinen asked what's wrong Hotaru? Hotaru comes from behind him and says oh nothing just playing hide and seek Chinen made a wt face and laughs haha Yamada says what's up? everyone says nothing just going to class execpt Hotaru who says nothing! Yamada just said oh let's go then  they all went to class for there test Hotaru felt unsave with Yamada now so she wanted to stay beside Chinen if she was with Yamada and him but if alone with Yamada that's bad at the end of school she looked at the blank assignment sheet Lucy made her take it home for homework Hotaru wasn't alone walking home Chinen, Keito, Ryutaro and Yamada were with her when Hotaru seen her house in sight she went in front of them and opened the door and yells i'm home and with friends her mom came from the kitchen and said welcome home Hotaru and welcome to my house hello Chinen, Ryutaro, Keito and who's this a new friend i see Hello I'm Maxine Tsukino and shakes his hand Yamada says hello maxine i'm Yamada Ryosuke nice to meet you Hotaru smiled at the fact she remembered Chinen, Ryutaro and Keito but frowned when she remembered Yamada was with them and her father was at work over time Chinen seen how her facial expersion changed Hotaru went upstairs to change in to her normal shirt and pants after changing Hotaru grabs her homework out and put her bag on her bed and sat down at her desk to do her homework it only took ten mins she went down stairs to find all her friends playing the xbox 360 on system link with her brother she smiled at the scene she went to the kitchen to help her mom with dinner since she brang more people to cook for we're cooking sheperds pie and cake for desert it took only 1 hour to finish Hotaru had fun cooking with her mom Hotaru went to check what everyone was doing Helios is being a show off on the game Yamada is looking at her but she ingored him and Chinen is reading a manga from her brother Ryutaro and Keito are watching Helios in amazment then she said you guys dinner is done!! and went running to the kitchen smiling and sat down everyone came one by one first Yamada, Chinen, Ryutaro, Keito and Helios they all sat down Yamada and Chinen sat beside Hotaru Helios sat beside Yamada and his mom Keito sat beside Ryutaro and Hotarus and helioss mom they all started to eat after dinner they all commented on how good the dinner tastes Hotaru and Maxine said Thank you with smiles maxine put some aside for Robert who will be home late Hotaru and Chinen cleaned the table while talking about school Hotaru frowned at her memory of what Yamada did to her Chinen seen her frown and asked what's wrong? Hotaru said sorry i didn't go outside with a frown Chinen said it's okay with an asuring smile Hotaru smiles and hugs Chinen Chinen was shocked from the hug but hugged back he says it's okay Hotaru while patting her back Hotaru hugs him tighter and whisper save me Chinen pushes her away a little and asks save you from what? and Yamada walks in on the scene he gives a glare to Hotaru and Hotaru pushes away from Chinen and walks to her room and leaves them to eachother while tears ecaped she closes the door and puts her hand in her pocket to find the peice of paper with Yamadas name on it she throws it in the garbage she goes to her desk and gets a pen and paper and writes save me Chinen Yuri and puts in her pocket and sits on her bed falling asleep on her friends mean while Yamada and Chinen are talking to eachother Chinen says if you hurt Hotaru there will be coneqents Yamada just laughs and says like what i maybe even hurt her more who knows and he smirks Chinen trys to punch his face but gets stopped by Ryutaro Ryutaro says you shouldn't fight in a house ecpectaily in a kitchen if your gonna fight do it outside or might in fact don't fight at all even if it's something or someone important okay? Yamada just smirks and says your smarter than you look now ryutaro was tryna punch him but Keito stopped him and said you guys stop it maxine might never let us come here if you guys fight in her house all four nodded and went to play games again they all left at supper time the time Helioss dad got back he ate and went to sleep.