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Chapter 2 – The new student

2 weeks later...

“Lisa-chan, after school meet me at the front gate, OK?! Jaa na.." Daiki reminded me, before he left.

"Hai~! Sayonara Dai-chan!" I replied, nodding and smiling widely. *YATTA!! ^_^ Every time when Daiki picks me up after school, he would always buy me snacks... XD XD... What should I ask him to buy today?... Uh... there's that new strawberry flavour biscuits in LOTS of kawaii shapes! The same one that Yama-chan bought for me, last time. It was yummy na...!! Hehehe... *

“Minna!!! I heard from other students that there will be a new student in our class today! Is it true?? Is the new student a girl?? Or boy??” Chii suddenly came running towards us, out of no-where, and started asking us questions non-stop.

“Eh? Hontouni? I'm not sure... Sorry Chii” Ryutaro answered back, as we went inside our classroom, heading towards our own seats.

“Yea... I'm not sure too..” Keito continued and looked at what Yuto was doing beside him.

“Sou ka... what about you two?” Chii then looked at me and Yama-chan.

“Hmm?” Yama-chan looked up from his manga book.

“I think the new student's a girl... demo why are you so interested about this new student?” I looked at Chii and saw him blushing.

“I see... I think I know why now... hahaha...” Yama-chan added, grinning at Chii.

“Nande yo?! It's not what you're thinking, Stupid manga boy!!” Chii quickly replied, but blushed even more.

“OII... you Chibi boy!!” Yama-chan shouted back, glaring at the chibi boy; with me stuck in between them two. The manga boy vs the chibi boy. Leaving both me and Ryu laughing our heads off, as we watched their childish fight.

“Chii... what happen?? Why is your face soo RED??!!” Yuto suddenly asked all worried, when he looked up and saw Chii's still RED face.

“Ehh...? Oh... Betsuni~!” Chii managed to say and got up from his chair. But once he got up, walking towards the door.

“Chinen Yuri, where do you think you're going?” Sensei asked from the door.

She was just outside the classroom, when she saw Chii got up from his chair walking towards her. “Class is about to start na.” She continued, looking at Chii.

“Un.. Betsuni...” Chii replied back, sitting back down beside me.

Swinging his feet as he rested his chin on his arms above the table, pouting his soft red lips. All of us could hear girls voice, both in front of us and behind us. Some were whispering to their friends and some were screaming out how cute Chii looks. While other boys just sits on their sit and glares at the cute boy for stealing the heart of the girls they love.

Sensei walked toward to her desk, placing down her laptop, bag, and all her books and notes for class. Once the whole class was looking at her, she began talking. “Minna Ohayo... Today, a new student will be joining our class and she'll be here in any min-” *KNOCK KNOCK*

Sensei walked back towards the door and slide it open, revealing the new student. Some boys were whispering to their friends. But most of the boys dropped their mouth wide open, making an 'O' shape. *Wahh... she's really pretty na. * I thought to myself.

“Uh... You must be the new student. Ohayo Gozaimasu! Please come in.” Sensei welcomed her and they both went to the centre. “Now, please introduce yourself to the class whenever you're feeling ready.” Sensei continued.

“Hai sensei..” She replied softly and smiled at the class. “Minna ohayo! Tsukino Hotaru desu. 15 sai desu. And I love Arashi yo~!! Minna... hajimemashite dozo yoroshiku~!! Hope we can all become good friends na~!!” She introduced herself, looking at Chinen most of the time, smiling.

“Hai~!! So class, please make Hotaru-san feel welcome and Hotaru-san, since we have a girl- boy- girl- boy sitting plan, you can sit there *Points to the empty sit next to Chii* next to Chinen Yuri. During class break, Chinen-kun please show Hotaru-san around the school.” Sensei finishes off, and soon class starts. *Why am I feeling like this? Why is my heart started going Doki Doki once I saw this boy?!*

“Hai sensei...” Chii replied in his cheerful voice.

Since her sit is now beside Chii which beside Chii is me and next to me is Yama-chan. As Hotaru came closer and closer towards us, I suddenly notice something different... not about Chii and Hotaru, but something about Yama-chan... Why is he suddenly so quiet today and keeps sighing?

“Yama-chan, daijoubu?” I asked him with a worried face.

“Un... nani?” He asked back, looking surprised by my question.

“Betsuni... its just that you're so quiet today...” I replied looking at him. But sees him sighing again for the Nth time.

*Why am I feeling like this once I saw Hotaru? But then what about Lisa-chan...? Am I always just like a big brother for her?! >///< Arghh.. I'm so confused!!*

*Yama-chan, I know you're lying... I know you're not OK... But why you're not telling me the reason?*

*DONG DONG DONG * - Lunch Break

“Yatta~!! Minna meet me at the canteen.. I got to go to the toilet … arghh... NOW!!!” Ryutaro quickly told us where to meet and the next minute he had already disappeared.

“Ano.. Tsukino-san... Yamashita Lisa desu. I'm 15 sai too! Hajimemashite dozo yoroshiku~!! Hope we can be good friends na~!!” I went to where Hotaru was sitting and talked to her for the first time.

“Un... hai~!! And please call me Hotaru. Hahaha... Tsukino-san is too formal.” She replied, smiling.

“Hai.. hehe.. Hotaru-chan, you can just call me Lisa too!” I replied, smiling back.

“Hai... Lisa-chan... Ano.. how long have you known Chinen-kun and the others? You guys seem very close ne.” She asked looking down.

*Am I falling for Chinen-kun already? But... today's my first day here. It's also the first time we meet too...and we haven't even talk or did anything together yet...! HOTARU.. What are you thinking?!*

“Hai... Me, Yama-chan, Chii, Keito-kun, Yuto-kun and Ryu-chan; all know each other since very little; since me and Ryu were still a baby. And... I love Yama-chan~!! hehe...” I said excitely, smiling widely.

“Sou ka... haha... No wonder, I see you and Yamada-kun extra close, if compare to you to Yuto-kun or Keito-kun.” She replied, slightly looking up. “Na.. what about Chinen-kun?” She asked.

“We're all best friends with Chii and he's so cute yo.. haha.. But sometimes can get very n-” Suddenly, I was stopped by someone, from behind, tapping my shoulder. “Chii?”

“Hai... I'm surprised you still know I'm here, right Yama-chan?” He complained and pouted. Next to him was Yama-chan staring into space.

“Yama-chan...” I called his name. No reply.

“Yama-chan?” I called again and waved my hand in front of his face. But still no reply. So, me and Chii shouted his name again for the third time, “YAMADA!!”

“Eh? Nani?” Yama-chan asked us when he was snapped back to reality, his face still showing a shock/confuse look.

“We're the one who should ask you that.. Yama-chan, whats wrong?” Chii asked.

“Betsuni... I didn't have enough sleep last night...” He lied again.

*Just tell us what's wrong. Yama chan... when you're being like this, you just make me even more worried about you...* I thought to myself.

“Lets go to the canteen now, or else if Ryu goes there before us and sees us not there yet.. he'll get worried and scared~!! Haha...” Chii said, and laughed.

“Hai.. let's go~! I'm REALLY REALLY hungry na!!” I said, rubbing why tummy. Then suddenly my tummy made some weird noises making everyone there laugh. *So embarrassing!! >_<*

“Un~! Hayaku! Hayaku na! Or else, she'll faint like last time.” Yuto teased me, and reminded everyone about how I fainted last time when we went to the themepark.

“Yea.. this baka-chan didn't eat anything before we went. But all the rest of us did. So after a long day of playing, screaming and laughing; when we were about to go, we saw her face all pale and she was walking very slow yo. So we went to her to see whats wrong and then she suddenly fainted...” Chii added and looked at me, laughing and patting my head at the same time.

“Yea... and seeing her faint, it made him *pointing to Yama-chan* nearly faint too. Haha... So we all got worried and sent her to hospital immediately.” Yuto continued and teased Yama-chan as well.

“Un... And then when the doctor came out...” Chii said and stopped.

“The doctor said that she fainted because she haven't eaten anything and since we were at the themepark for the whole day, she used up all her energy long time ago. Which resulted her to faint. The doctor even said that she's very strong because if anyone were like her, playing the whole day without eating anything, that person would have fainted long time ago.” Keito said finishing off Chii's sentence, repeating what the doctor had said.

“Hai~! Hai~!” All the boys agreed.

“But why didn't you tell us that you were hungry?” Yama-chan suddenly asked.

"Nande yo...! Because when we were playing, I forgot all about being hungry and we had so much fun!! But when we were about to go home, I suddenly felt tired and dizzy, which was when I had just remembered that I haven't eaten anything since that morning. But when I saw you guys coming towards me, everything started to become blurry. The next minute, everything had gone black. Then when I woke up, I was already in hospital and you guys were around me. Yama-chan was holding my hands too! Hehe...” I told them, smiling weakly. But also smiling at the last part, remembering Yama-chan's worried face and having him holding my hands tightly.

Then I felt a hit on my head, then another and another and another. Total 4 times, from 4 different boys; Yama-chan, Yuto, Chii and Keito.

“What a baka ne~!” They all said together and laughed.

At the canteen...

“Ah.. Minna... where have you guys been? I went to the toilet and already ordered my food!” Ryu shouted when he saw us walking into the canteen. He was looking worried and also slightly mad, with his hands on his hips.

“We were talking about Lisa-chan's story... haha...” Chii answered and laughed. While all the others nodded.

“About what?” Ryu asked looking confused. “What story?”

“Nothing.. haha...” We all said in unison making Ryu not only having a worried, mad and confused face. But now also pissed too.

When school finishes...


“Class dismiss” Sensei said, and everyone started packing up their stuff to go home.

When I was near the school gate where Daiki had told me to go in the morning. Yama-chan was still very far away, near the school buildings with the others beside him.

“Yama-chan, I got to go la. Dai-chan is waiting for me... And call me tonight, or go on MSN! OK!” I shouted to Yama-chan, waving goodbyes to them all.

“Uh... Hotaru-chan! Nice to meet you today! Hehe...” I talked to her, while we were existing the school together.

“Hai... where are you going now?” She asked me.

“That way.... my friend is picking me up.” I replied in a cheerful mood.“You?”

*Soon, I'll get to eat all the snacks that Daiki buys for me!! hahaha...*

“That way, I have part-time job tonight.” She replied pointing to the other direction.

“Uh... I see my friend. See you tomorrow, Hotaru-chan!” I waved good bye and left.

Hotaru POV

*Lisa ran to a boy around 18 or 19 and after he sees her. He gave her something and then ruffled her hair. Both of them were laughing happily together and then they went inside the boy's car.*

“Eh? A boy? But doesn't she like Yamada-kun?” I asked myself, tilting my head in confusion.


“Here!” Daiki said, holding the box of biscuits that I had wanted, that strawberry favoured biscuits. But all the shapes on this one was about love, so it was filled with shapes with couples, hearts, kiss prints on them.

“Wahh.. arigato Dai-chan! Hehe..” I smiled widely and took the box, as he ruffled my hair. Then we went inside his car.

“What did you guys do today?” Daiki asked me, while driving me to his house to help him with one of his projects.

“We had a new student...” I answered, while eating the strawberry biscuits.

“Girl or boy?” Daiki asked again.

“A Girl... ” I replied. Then suddenly I stopped eating and realized something.

* Yama-chan was acting strange today... right after we saw Hotaru... Does it have something to do with her? What if he likes her?!*

My head was now filled with questions, even though I don't want to think about it anymore. But Daiki noticed somethings was wrong once I stopped eating.

“Lisa-chan... what happen? Something wrong? You don't like that girl?” He asked. Looking at me, then back on the road where he is driving.

“Iie.. iie.. She's really nice. Nani?” I asked looking at him.

“Betsuni.. its just that you suddenly stopped eating after I asked you about the new student.” He replied, but I could tell he not satisfied with my answer.

“Ano... Dai-chan... Do you think Yama-chan like me?” I suddenly asked him.

“Of course~! Haha...” He quickly said, smiling. *I can't say if he do or not. All I know is that I still love you. But if I say he likes you, then you'll be happy. If your happy then I'm happy too.*

“Dai-chan, I'm serious but I'm confuse too... I don't know if he only think of me as his little sister or as best friend...” I said, looking down. My vision then started to get blurry.

Suddenly a drop of tear rolled down my cheeks, all by itself... then followed by another and another. Soon I was crying and he saw it.

Immediately, he stopped the car.

*Wahh... lucky we were right at the traffic lights and it was on red light too.. Or else we'll end up in a car accident like this!*

“Lisa-chan... why are you crying? Tell me... I know you're hiding something...” He asked in a worried voice.

“I don't know if he love me or not.” I cried, telling him the truth.

“Ehmm...” He started, not knowing what to say. Then continued, “Well, do you love him? What's important is that you know what you want, yourself. Who you really love!”

“I love him! I really really love him! I'll do anything to be with him! Dai-chan... arigato!” I said and smiled at him. He then smiled back.

I looked down at the biscuits in my hands, at all kawaii shaped biscuit with a happy couple print and a love heart shape in the middle. But a few seconds later when I looked up, Daiki's smile had turned into a sad face and I noticed his eyes were now shiny too, like mine.

Then both of us sighed together.

*Sigh* *Daiki must still haven't let go of his feeling for me...ever since we were little. But why? There's many other girls who like him?* I wondered.

*Sigh* * Why I can say this to her, but why can't I do it myself?!*

* HORN * * HORN*

“Uh...It's green light already..” Daiki mumbled and did a sorry sign using his hands, outside the window. He then started driving. Soon we arrived at his house.

“Dai-chan, what's your project about?” I asked when I got out of the car, with the box still in my hands.

“Um.. I'll tell you when we get inside.”He replied and blushed. *How do I explain this to her when its a experiment about Chemistry?! And it only works with 1 girl and 1 boy?!! >//<*




Minna.. Arigato for reading yo~! Hope you all like it! XD

SORRY for my bad grammar and bad ENGLISH...!! >//<
Please comment, all comments are loved~! XD And if any one have ideas to make this become more better, please say tell me ne~!! Hehe...

Chapter 1 – First day at High School

At home...

* Love me! Show me! Tell m- * My alarm started ringing again for the Nth times, since 7.30am.

So Ka-chan came in my room and opened the curtains to let the bright sunlight in. Then suddenly shouted, “LISA, wake up la!!” And started shaking me.

“Ka-chan.. close the curtains yo...its too bright....” I whined and turned around, pulling my blanket higher to cover my face.

“It's already 8 o'clock...you're going to be late if you don't wake up now!! And today's your first day going to high school ..!” She replied.

“Demo, I want to sleep.. I'm still very sleepy and its so warm in here ... Ka-chan, 10 more minutes la... ” I whined again.

She then continued, “Nope... I told you to sleep earlier last night, but you didn't listen and still talked with Chii and Yama-chan on MSN till 11pm; and if I let you sleep, after that you'll say 10 more minutes again! And one more thing, Yama-chan called earlier and said that he'll be here at 8.10am to pick you up. Then walk to school with you... that means he'll be here in 10 minutes... ” She smiled and grinned..

“HON TOUNI...?! Why didn't you tell me earlier...” I quickly got up, rubbed my eyes and looked at her, now standing beside the door and smiling, happy that her plan worked again like always.

“Ka-chan~!! You did it again...!! You promised me you won't do it again... since the last time you said it!” I pouted out my lips and my eyes nearly closed again, because I was still very sleepy.

“Hahaha... If I didn't do that, my sleepy Lisa-chan princess won't wake up! Haha...then she'll be late for school.” She replied and before she left, “ But this time, Yama-chan is really coming.. but in 20 minutes. So hurry up, I already made you breakfast downstairs.

20 minutes later...


“Ka-chan, I'll go open the door...” I quickly got up from my chair and ran to the door.

“Ohayo~!” Yama-chan was standing outside in his school uniform. * wahh.. hot! Haha...* I thought to myself and blushed.

“Yama-chan, oha ~yo!” I greeted back smiling.

“Uh.. Yama-chan ohayo!” Ka-chan came from the kitchen and greeted Yama-chan too. “Come in.. ano.. have you eaten breakfast yet?” She asked him.

“Hai~!” Yama-chan replied.

“Sou ka... Yama-chan wait.. I'll be fast! Hehe...” I quickly ran back to the kitchen table to quickly finish my breakfast, while Ka-chan and Yama-chan came in after me. Then Yama-chan laughed, “You wake up late again? Hahaha.. Baka, I told you to not talk so late...”

“Hehehe...” I slightly laughed while continued to quickly eat the food. *Why Ka-chan made so much food!! *

“UH! … Yama-chan I can't finish this.. You want to eat the rest?” I asked him, when I remember that it's his favourite kind of rice porridge. *Please help me finish it!! ONEGAI~!*

"O... if you say so... demo.. Lisa-chan, you sure you're full already?" He asked.

"Hai!" I nodded.

So Yama-chan quickly finishes the rest that was still in my bowl, while i just sat beside him watching him eat all the like he have never eaten it before.*hehehe.. Another reason why I love you so much~!! XD XD*

Yama-chan then gave me the bowl and asked, “So, want to start going now~!?”

“Un~!” I nodded and took the bowl to the sink.

“Ka-chan, we going la.. Jaa na” I reached for my school bag then we went to the door and wore our school shoes. “Auntie jaa~!” Yama-chan said after me.

“Jaa ne.. you two have fun at school~! And Yama-chan, make sure Lisa-chan is a good girl! Haha..” She said.

“Hai.. I'll make sure, she's a good girl! Haha...” He teased me.

“Oi.. Yama-chan.. you get in trouble more then me!” I quickly said back, making Yama-chan hit me on the head.

“Lets go la, Baka-chan~!!” He said when both of us were done, and then closed the door behind us.

At school...

“MINNA OHA~YO!” Yama-chan and I shouted out once we saw them standing around the schedule board, which shows all the classes and the timetable for each class.
"YAMA-CHAN! LISA-CHAN! O·HA·YO~!!" Chii yelled back to us, singing 'ohayo' out in syllables, with his high pitch voice. At the same time, he was waving his arms and jumping up and down because of his height.
"Ohayo!" Yuto, Keito and Ryutaro all then said afterward Chii and smiled.
“Wah... Yama-chan's so sweet, being a good boy-friend today~! Hahaha...” Yuto suddenly said teasing Yama-chan making Yama-chan and my face blush.
“Nani?!” Yama-chan whines while looking at them.
“Hahaha.. Un~! Un~! Going to school with Girl-friend, so other boys won't take YOUR Lisa-chan, right Yama-chan? Hahah...” Ryutaro continued mocking him.

*Flash Flash*

"Eh?! Where was that from?" All of us asked in unison. "HIKARU?!?!"
"Ohayo!" Hikaru, Daiki, Yabu, Yuya and Kei all said sang together.
“Hahahaha... I guess everything we said was right, look at this...*Points to a photo, with Yama-chan and me close together blushing, on his phone* ” Hikaru said in a mocking voice, showing the picture to everyone. But only not showing to us.
"HAHAHAHAHAHA... HAI~!!" They all nodded and laughed loudly..
“Nande yo.. Let me see! Let me see!” Yama-chan was shouting and reaching his hands to get the phone, while Jumping up and down because of his height, too.
"Nope~! Hahaha..." All the tall boys; Yabu, Takaki, Hikaru, Inoo, Keito, Yuto and Ryutaro, said in unison and passed the phone around.

“Anyway, why are you guys here?!” Yama-chan asked still panting hard from all the running and jumping.

So Yabu replied, “Because the college that we go to is only a few streets away from here.” Then he ruffled my hair and said, “And today is our Lisa-chan's first day of High school na~! So we all came to see~!”

"Hmm... Yabu is bakaro... he forgot about us already and all he only remembers is Lisa-chan..." Chii pouted his lips and crossed his arms, acting jealous.


"Hahaha... Yama-chan, Lisa-chan, minna we got to go la." Inoo said.

"Jaa ne!" All the older boys waved goodbye, and soon they were all out of sight...

“YOSH, first day of high school... MINNA LETS GANBARE!” Yuto shouted.

"Hai~!!" All of us agreed and placed our hands in the middle, on top of each other and screamed... "ICHI... NI...SAN...here we come~! hahaha.." making everyone around us, staring and thinking we're all BAKA.

“Uh.. I nearly forgot..! Chii, What class am I in?” I asked Chii who was standing next to me.

"You're in my class and.... YOUR BOY FRIEND'S CLASS!!" Chii shouted and ran.

"Oi.. you chibi chinen, don't let me catch you!! hahaha... " I shouted while chasing after him.

Then the rest of us were chasing him to our classroom as well, since we about to be late for class and it's the first day too!


PROLOGUE – Love, Fight or Die


TITLE : Would you LOVE, FIGHT, or DIE for someone you love...?!
AUTHOR :lisa_yamada - Lisa (Yama-chan wife) + [info]gdsbutterfly - me (Chii wife) XD


MAIN PARINGS: (Daiki Arioka X Lisa Yamashita), (Lisa X Ryosuke Yamada), (Ryosuke Yamada X Hotaru), (Hotaru X Yuri Chinen)
CHARACTERS: JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, Daiki Arioka, Keito Okamoto, Yuto Nakajima, Ryutaro Morimoto, Yabu Kota, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo and Hikaru Yaotome, Lisa – Lisa, Hotaru – Katty, Tomohisa Yamashita, Yuuri Tatsuya (FAKE – someone we made up.. XD)
GENRE: LOTS of Love triangles, Romance, Angst, Smut, Fluff,
LENGTH: Multi-chapter
RATING: G to NC-17
WARNING(S): Character – death, Character – Pregnant

SUMMARY: Lisa was born in Australia. But when she was still a baby; her family had to move to Japan for business, which was where she met JUMP and became their best friend. Since little, she was their only girl best friend; and Daiki had a big crush on her. However, she loved Ryosuke. Even though at that time Lisa was still in elementary, she knows that all JUMP was only like big brothers for her, but only except for Ryosuke. She can feel something more... more than just a brother.. more then just best friends.... Ryosuke can feel something towards her too; but was very confused. If he compare Lisa with other JUMP boys, it is definitely something more too. But is it just like a Brother – Sister Love? Best – friend Love? Or is it the REAL Love – Love?! But soon, more and more problems arrived; one by one getting worser each time; separating them further apart from the one they truly love which that they'll do anything for them to be happy and safe...


Living in Australia, there lived a sweet yet a young couple - a 22 years old cute lady, Yuuri Tatsuya and a 23 years old handsome man, Tomohisa Yamashita. Everything went by smoothly as planned and every second means money to them. But one day something changed, it wasn't just them two anymore, inside Yuuri's tummy was another life forming. When their beautiful baby girl was born, they named her Lisa- 'Sa' from TomohiSA and 'Ri' from Yuuri but since they were living in Australia, Lisa sounds more correct. Lisa's parent were very busy business people and just after she was born, they had to move to Tokyo for business, which was where they met JUMP's parent. So 11 kids - Lisa and JUMP became best friends since then. In JUMP, there was 10 boys

Yabu Kota, who is like a older brother to them and very kind, but also very protective if anything happens.

Kei Inoo, who's really smart so he helps them to do homework to them.

Hikaru Yaotome, their mood maker when there down but sometimes can be a BAKA and makes stupid mistakes.

Yuya Takaki, the cool one out of the bunch.

Daiki Arioka, who is kind, cute and fun to play with. To them, he's the one who is the easiest to talk to, if there any problems, or just bored.

Keito Okamoto, JUMP's english boy and is the quiet one.

Yuto Nakajima, who is always happy one and is best friend with Yama-chan.

Ryutaro Morimoto, the youngest but also the most mature one.

RyosukeYamada, the cool and quiet one. He is smart, but when its come to LOVE, he's very slow and shy. But what is happen if she loves you, but you love another girl and that girl loves your bestfriend?

Yuri Chinen, out of JUMP the hyper one and also Yama-chan's best friend. BUT Chinen can become very scary if he's in a bad mood...

And lastly, there's Lisa Yamashita, the only girl that is JUMP best friend since childhood and is like JUMP's little precious sister and for Ryutaro, she was a kind big sister...

One afternoon,  little JUMP and Lisa wanted to playing mummy and daddy again, but every time whenever Lisa would be the mummy, both Ryosuke and Daiki would end up fighting to be the daddy. While they fight, all the rest would just sit and watch them fight. Even though, they were all still little; they could all tell that they both of them really like her.  And Lisa was still only in elementary, so she only thinks of them as her big brother. But except for only one boy, Ryosuke, she can feel something more... more than just a brother... more then just best friends...


A/N: Minna.. :D hope you like it, me and Lisa tried very hard ok~!! XD
SORRY for my bad grammar and bad ENGLISH...!! >//<
and please comment and if any one have ideas to make this more better, please say tell me ne~!! Hehe...  


Part 3

it pasted a 6 days

In the morning Chinen woke up looks around and remembered he stayed over night for 6 days then looked

at the digital clock which showed 7:00am on a saturday he went to use the washroom and washed his face

he walked out of the washroom and seen Hotaru still sleeping so he went down stairs to see if anyone is

awake sure enough maxine was sitting in the living room playing sudoku Chinen says good morning maxine
Maxine says good morning young man Chinen sits down on the couch and starts to read his manga mean

while Hotaru wakes up and looks around and sighs in relieve that she's at home now shes been out for 6

days she looks at the digital that shows 7:20am and saturday Hotaru gets up and washs her face and

checks her still hurt side goes to see if Helios is home she sees him still sleeping in bed and goes checks

on her dad he's sleeping too then she goes down stairs to check if her moms here she is shocked to see

Chinen sitting on the couch she walks into the living room with a small ow because she bumped into the

wall and says good morning you guys with a smile her mom says good morning dear oh! dear you woke up

finally and smiles Chinen stands up and says good morning, you've been out awhile and goes to asks why

she said ow from a little bump Hotaru says i was playing tag with Yamada and his sister Usagi when i

tripped and fell on the swing and laughs nervously haha Chinen says lets see how big the bruise is Hotaru

just yells no! and says i mean no and looks down Maxine looks at them and goes back to playing sudoku

Chinencan't help but say please can i see it and smiles Hotaru says okay but we have to go to my bedroom

Yamada and Hotaru head up stairs to hotarus bedroom Hotaru says close the door Chinen blushed but still

obeyed Hotaru sat on her bed and waited for Chinen to get comfortable Chinen goes and sits down at

Hotarus desks chair and asks is it really that bad to show your mom Hotaru nods and shows Chinen her

bruise Chinen was shocked at how big her bruise is he remembers she was at Yamadas place and asks

are you sure that's from a swing? Hotaru looks down and asks you don't believe me? Chinen just says i

know when you're lying to me Hotaru so tell me what happened Hotaru started sobbing and says i'm so

sorry i lie to you so much but if i tell you anything we'll be both in trouble Hotaru looks up and feels a gentle

kiss from Chinen and felt his tears there so warm just like hers Chinen parts there lips and both Hotaru and

Chinen blush Hotaru and Chinen head down stairs to see what everyone is doing and sees that hotarus dad
is up watching csi miami with her mom while Helios is awake too playing his psp Hotaru asked Chinen if he
wants to go for a walk after eating breakfast and watching tv with her parents Chinen wanted to but what if

they meet up with Yamada who knows what will happen to her but says yeah anyways so Hotaru goes to

asks her parents if they could go for a walk they both said yeah go ahead but said be careful too when they

went for a walk it was 12pm already Hotaru was still shy what happened this morning Chinen was thinking

of the scene as well and remember he didn't even say it at all he hopes she knows what his feelings are for

her he looks at Hotaru and asks hey do you know what my feelings are for you Hotaru nods and says yeah i

found out by helios not to long ago but i don't know my answer yet okay? Chinen nods and says i'm just glad

your still talking tome and smiles Hotaru says of course i'll talk to you still while smiling and says plus i read

lots of fanfics and knows you should still talk to the person who loves you because they'll feel hurt Chinen

smiles and says yeah a friend of mine felt that before with a pouty face Hotaru just laughs and pats Chinens

head Hotaru and Chinen went to the park not to far from Hotarus house Hotaru went straight towards the

swing same with Chinen Both Chinen and Hotaru jumped off the swing after swinging high Chinen had a

great landing to his feet but not Hotaru she fell on the ground and screamed in pain Chinen rushed to her

aid to see if she's okay Chinen asks if she's okay? Hotaru nods with a faint smile Hotaru tried standing up

but no avail so Chinen decided to pick her up bridal style and started walking toward Hotarus home but got

stopped by Yamada Yamada looked at Hotaru that's holding on to Chinen pretty tight Yamada smirks and

says thank you for making it not so hard to find her Chinen just kept on walking Hotaru whispers put me

down and run so you won't get hurt Chinen says no not without you and started running to her house

Yamada isn't a good runner compared to Chinen so Yamada is running pretty slow even though Chinen's

holding Hotaru he's still faster than Yamada Chinen sees Hotaru house in sight and says we're almost there
don't worry Hotaru says you know now that we're both in trouble right? Chinen says i don't care about me just
aslong as you're safe and stops at the front door and knocks just when Maxine opened the door Yamada

came in sight to Hotaru Hotaru's sure she seen Yamada smirk before blacking out Chinen looks at the

unconsious girl in his arms then looks at the clock and it's 2pm Maxine told him to take Hotaru to her

bedroom Chinen lied Hotaru on her bed and put the blanket on her and went to sit in her desk he has two

sheets of paper and a pen and draws her unconsious figure after two and a half hours it was done he folded
the paper and put it in his pocket and started the second drawing which is helios he is drawing helios so he

could give it to Hotaru because Hotaru wanted to draw good but not all people can draw good so he got

Helios to sit on the floor and give the peace sign and of course smile too it was 9pm when he finished helios
went to sleep after he was done it took so long because he drew Helios whole body and perfected it to so he
put it in her desk and found his name in big writing with question marks and happy faces on the sheet of

paper he smiled at the nice writing and happy faces he got up to shut the lights off but he left one light on so

he can sleep and still see Hotaru he layed down put the blanket on him and thinks of what will happen to

Hotaru and him since he ran away from Yamada it took half an hour to finally fall asleep and to think she'll be
fine everybody went to sleep before ten pm


In the morning Chinen gets up and takes a half an hour shower he comes out of the room to find Hotaru a

wake looking at her bruise Chinen blushes at the scene and sees her bruise got a little bigger and frowns

Hotaru doesn't noticed Chinen until she tryed poking her bruise because Chinen said not to touch it Hotaru

blushed at the fact she was being watched Hotaru looked at the time it was 8am on a sunday she got up

from the bed and when to change her close since she was still dirty from yesterday Hotaru was finished

changing so she came out of the washroom and asks how do i look? Chinen blushes and says very cute

and smiles Hotaru just laughs at his blush and says i guess that means i look great and smiles Hotaru

frowned at the pain she felt when she held her side and almosts falls but Chinen catches her and asks you

okay? Hotaru answers yuppers and smiles Chinen and Hotaru went down stairs to eat breakfast after

breakfast they went to Hotarus bedroom Chinen took the drawing he did last night and gave it to her Hotaru

loved it so she pinned it on her wall and says thanks Chinen says welcome and smiles Chinen and Hotaru

went down stairs to see everyone awake already since they did wake up late Helios was playing his psp

while Maxine is on her computer playing games and Robert's on the phone Chinen asks Hotaru if she wants

to play games ? Hotaru said yeah sure she went to the xbox 360 and turned it on they played the game

Modern warfare and Tekken 6 on xbox 360 for an hour Helios wanted to play so they got off and went to

Hotarus room to sing karoke they played for two hours after they were done singing they watched a movie the
movie was called Zombie land Hotaru says the movie was so phoney Chinen says i think it was funny by the

time the movie was over it was 12:30pm already Chinen and Hotaru went down stairs to look in the fridge for

something to eat after 5mins Hotaru found some cherry pie in the fridge and gave it to Chinen Chinen says

thanks and puts it on the table Hotaru asked if he wanted noodles for lunch Chinen just says anything as

long as i have cherry pie after it haha Hotaru just laughed and cooked two packges of beef noodles they both
sat down and ate lunch after lunch Hotaru asks if Chinen wants to go with her to buy things in the mall

Chinen answers sure lets go before going out Hotaru told her mom and left with chinen Chinen opened the

front door and closes it after hotaru went outside Chinen and Hotaru walk down the steps and towards the

gate Chinen walks out first and then Hotaru while walking to the mall Chinen and Hotaru talked about things

like there favorite color and other things Hotaru asks Chinen what his favorite color is ? Chinen answers

Green and anything dark colored and you? Hotaru says i like the color green and smiles Chinen asks whats

do you think will happen when we see Yamada? Hotaru had big eyes and says idk and frowns Chinen says

sorry for bringing that up Hotaru says it's okay and smiles Chinen smiles back Hotarus house ain't that far

from the mall only like 20 or 25 minute walk they see the mall and Hotaru asks if Chinen needs anything?

Chinen shakes his head and says i'm her with you only to maybe carry your bags Hotaru says ok and laughs
they walk towards the sewing store to buy some thread and needles so Hotaru can ask her mom to sew her

buttons on her uniform again but she still has to get it at Yamadas place Hotaru walks out of the store with

Chinen and walks to towards a store with nice shirts so she can buy a shirt since Yamada ripped one of her

shirts while walking out of the store Hotaru sees Yamada and hides behind a sign Chinen never seen

Hotaru move that fast before and then looks at what she's hiding from Chinen sighs in anger to see Yamada
Yamada walks into a store Chinen takes the chance to drag Hotaru and go home but Yamada seen them

and came out of the store and grabbed Hotarus wrist Chinen stopped to see what happen and sees

Yamada holding her wrist already Chinen walks towards Yamada and says let her go in a very angry voice

while still holding hotarus hand Hotaru just stands there watching them and both of them let go and she

steps backward a little Yamada says sarcasticly i did now what? Chinen just stares at him and then says

now leave her alone or else with a rather angry voice Yamada laughs and says i'll never leave her alone as

long as she lives Chinen punches Yamadas stomach and Yamada falls to the ground Yamada grunts and

stands up again and punches Chinens face and kicks Chinen two times and yells how dare you take her

away from me you bastard!! Chinen flew to the ground and grunts and gets up and throws Yamada to the

ground and yells i took her away because you beat her you little shit!!! Chinen was about to punch Yamada

but got stopped by Hotaru Chinen was shocked but stopped Hotaru says i'll go with him now leave before he
does more damage to you Yamada got up while smirking Chinen was shocked even more of what Hotaru

said Chinen grabs Hotarus hands and says be careful Hotaru and kisses her cheek Hotaru had a tear roll

down her cheek and says i will Yamada got mad by the moment they just had and drags Hotaru out of the

mall and walks toward his car and throws her in the back seat Hotaru hits her head and sees black Chinen

was running after the car for awhile but stops because he tripped and rolls Yamada watched him from the

rear view mirror and then looks at Hotarus unconious body smiling and says you'll never get away from me

now and smirks 


1month later Hotarus body was found in the river

no one knows how she died but Chinen is sure yamada did it for her trying to leave him

Chinen regreted letting her go with Yamada so much that he wanted to be with her and so he killed himself

by slicing his throat

so Chinen and Hotaru got to be with eachother for an eturnity

while Yamada was unsolved and kept living

part 2

A week past

Hotaru woke up and looked at her digital clock it showed 7:00am on a monday she got up took a half an hour shower came out smelling like cherries she went to her closet to find her school uniform all clean after putting it on she puts a little bit of make up perfume and makes her hair into a ponytail goes down stairs and sees her mom still cooking so she goes and check if everyone is awake her dad is in the living room on the phone and helios is coming down stairs Hotaru laughed at him and helios sticks his tongue out Hotaru goes and sees if her mom needs help her mom needs no help so she goes to her room and checks if she's down her homework she is so she watches videos until breakfast is done she paused the video to hear her mom say breakfast is done she opens her door and closes it and heads down stairs she's the last one to get to the table and sit down they all start to eat when Helios and Hotaru were done breakfast they went straight to school while walking to school Helios asks Hotaru if she knows something about Chinen and her she answers huh? what do you mean? Helios just says i guess not then Hotaru says what is it i want to know Helios says he'll tell when he's good and ready okay? Hotaru just says oh okay i'll wait and smiles when they got to the school gate helios went straight to his friends and Hotaru just standed there looking for Chinen and the other two she didn't want to see Yamada but i guess not because here comes Yamada Hotaru just stands there looking at him wanting him to go somewhere else Yamada's walking toward with a unexplainable face but Hotaru sees Chinen and the others running towards them all of a sudden Hotaru felt a hard slap on her face that made her land on the ground with watery eyes she looked up to see Yamada smirking Yamada knelt down and whispered in her ear come with me after school if you don't want me to do more nobody else but Chinen, Ryutaro and Keito seen that scene that just happened that made them run faster to Hotaru Chinen ran faster then them so he just moved Yamada away from Hotaru he looked at Hotaru to see a hand print on her face and her watery eyes so Chinen just lost control and punched Yamadas face and he hit the ground and he yelled how dare you hit her you Bastard!!! while holding Yamadas shirt collar that made everyone look at them Yamada moved Chinens hand and got up and punched him he fell to the ground and Yamada kicked him 5 times and pulled Hotaru with him but not to the school to his car Keito went after Hotaru but they got away since they went in a car while Ryutaro was tryna make Chinen to stand up and go to the nurses office but Chinen didn't want to go to the nurses office he wanted to follow where they went but they used Hotaro would want you to go to the nurse Chinen said true but she's in trouble more and he frowns so he just went to the nurse mean while in the car with Hotaro and Yamada Yamada was really mad so he hit Hotarus leg a few times and stopped Hotarus face still hurt but now her leg then she felt Yamada on her she looked at him and he crashed his and Hotarus lips together Hotarus hands were being held by one of Yamadas hands over her head  Hotaru tried getting lose but Yamada is pretty strong so she stopped trying to get lose but kept begging him to stop kissing her neck she felt him rip her shirt and the buttons of her uniform went flying everywhere in the car and he tried going for her pants but stopped when Hotaru screamed at him to stop Yamada got off of Hotaru and sat and stared at her broken uniform and shirt and her messed up make up and hair Yamada says to the driver take me to the house Hotaru said i want to go home Yamada says you wanna go home like that Hotaru looks down and says no Yamada takes of his school uniform jacket and says here put this on i don't want anyone to think anything Hotaru looks at the jacket and blushes and puts it on the car stopped and Yamada got out and told Hotaru to get out Hotaru just sat there and said no Yamada got in the car and grabbed her wrist and pulled her out of the car and to the house Hotaru was looking down then looked up when someone called Yamada she looked and seen a maid so Hotaru looked at the house doesn't look like he's rich from the outside but inside is a whole different story Yamada told them there was no school Hotaru looked at him with a your lying face Yamada dragged Hotaru to his room Yamada's bedroom was bigger than Hotarus room with the colour green and blue very stylish Hotaru was told to sit down she didn't want to obey but she had to or else Yamada locked the door and went to his desk and sat there for 30 minutes while Hotaru was digging in her bag for her phone to text Chinen and the others to come save her from Yamada she found it and texted them just before Yamada was done Yamada showed it to her Hotaru had big eyes with amazment it was a drawing of her she smiled and said wow you're a very good artist even though she thinks Chinens drawings are better Yamada smiles and pins it up on his wall Hotaru didn't know Yamada had a younger sister named Usagi because she just seen a picture that said usagi and my little sister on it on his wall then Hotaru heard a knock on the door Yamada went to open it and it was his little sister and asks yes sister want do you need? Usagi says your suposed to be in school you bad boy Hotaru giggles at the scene Usagi looks at Hotaru hey! it's you from the... Yamada covered her mouth and he knelt down and told her not to say anything about those okay? Usagi nods and goes back to her room and plays with her dolls Hotaru says wow your sisters so cute Yamada says i know such a cutie with a smile  

at school with Chinen and the others Chinen was sent home for an injury even though it's just a cut Ryutaro and Keito got told to walk Chinen home and to make sure he doesn't get hurt some more Chinen was kicking a can all the way home and thinking of what happened to Hotaru he sighs and says i wonder if she's alright Ryutaro answers she should be okay right? Keito says yeah she will be okay hey you guys... he stopped talking when his phone vibrated and they all read their phone message from Hotaru they all texted back where are you? and still walkng towards Chinens house they got there and Chinen unlocked the door since he knows his two sisters are at school and mom and dad are at work he walks in his house and whispers i'm home takes off his shoes and goes to the kichen and Ryutaro and Keito follow Chinen grabs out the cake from the fridge he bought before seeing Yamada with Hotaru so much 

at Yamadas house it's already 12:00pm Hotaru and Yamada are eating already Hotaru is still pretty scared to be alone with him but at least little usagi is here Hotaru stopped eating as she forgot to check the messages she got from Yamada and the others she texted back I'm at Yamadas house. Yamada asked who Hotaru was texting? Hotaru answered my friends why do you want to know in a rather annoyed voice Yamada hit the table which maybe Hotaru jump a little and he said because i need to know since you're mine Hotaru standed up and said what! i'm not yours i'm Chinens hotaru regreted saying that because Yamada standed up walked towards her and slapped her hard again and says you're mine no one elses Hotaru held her cheek and standed up and ran towards the door but Yamada grabbed her wrist and threw to the floor and said where do you think your going!! Hotaru just lied on the floor holding her side and cheek while tears escaped Yamada went back to the table and started to eat again usagi was up stairs already since she finished before them she came down stairs to check what happened she sees hotaru on the floor and goes to help her and takes her to her room Usagi says no blood was shed but bruises were made by Yama-chan sorry Hotaru but he's like that if you love him you have to face thoughs hits Hotaru just started sobbing more and said she doesn't love him but she's scared to be killed if she leaves him Usagi pats her head and asks hey do you want to go home tonight ? Hotaru nods her head and says please Usagi says okay i'll call someone for you okay ? Hotaru nods and says can you call this number for me and writes it down on paper and after that she blacks out
at Chinens house they were busy eating so they ignored there cellphone but they were done now and texted back oh kay later on that day Chinen got a call from Usagi telling him to be here at nine it was eight thirty he asked his mom to borrow her car and so he drove to Yamadas house it took awhile to find it but he found it since he seen Usagi waving her hands Chinen parked beside her and said i'm here now what? Usagi points at Hotaru and says that's what Chinen gets out of his car and picks her up and says thanks to usagi Usagi opens the car door and Chinen puts Hotaru in the front seat buckles her in and closes the door and says thank you so much and hugged usagi Usagi says welcome and hugs back and says hurry get out of here before he comes Chinen nods his head and gets in the car and drives away he looks at Hotaru a few times seeing that shes in boy clothes and wondering if he did something to her seeing the hand mark on her cheek made him think he probablely slapped her again and drives to Hotarus house when he gets there he parks and knocks on the front door Hotarus mom answers it and was surprised to see Chinen carring Hotaru Chinen walks inside and goes towards Hotarus room opens the door and puts Hotaru on the bed and cover her with a blanket he got startled by Helios Helios asked where was she? Chinen answers she was at Yamadas with a frown same with helios he frowned too Helios went down stairs to tell everyone she was at Yamadas house to sleep over once Maxine asked is she awake? Helios answered no not yet and they went back to doing things while Chinen is up stairs sitting beside Hotarus bed soon Chinen fell asleep on the floor after half an hour everybody else went to sleep

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have you ever felt so scared that you don't know what happens well this is where the story starts this story is about about a girl named Hotaru Tsukino Hotaru is the type of girl that couldn't defend herself from anyone one day it became worse because she met a guy named Ryosuke Yamada Yamada is the kind of guy who doesn't tell anybody his real self. Hotaru was walking home from school when she bumped into someone that is... it seems like the person was runinng from someone else as soon as she stopped being surprised by falling she got up and brushed off the dirt from her uniform then she turned around and looked at the person who bumped into her she looked at the beautiful boy with perfect eyes, very nice shaped lips. she thought everything looked so perfect as she looked at him little did she know that she was staring pretty long at him as soon as Hotaru relized she looked down and blushed she looked back when she heard him say sorry for bumping into you he smiled at Hotaru then she smiled back then Hotaru asked what his name is? he anwsered Ryosuke Yamada nice to meet you my friends call me Yama-Chan with a smile Yamada asked the same question Hotaru anwsered Hotaru Tsukino nice to meet you too with a blush Yamada asked where do you go to school Hotaru? Hotaru says i go to Hakaru gakusen same school as you silly hehe Yamada just laughs Hotaru asks how come you weren't at school today ? Yamada frowns and says i i i... had to help with some friends Hotaru frowns and says sounds like your lying to me Yamada says while shaking his head no no no i'm not Hotaru smiles and says well see you tommorow at school i have to get home bye bye and waves goodbye Yamada just nods his head while Hotaru is walking home shes thinking Yamada is such a hot guy Hotaru gets home and says i'm home then her mom pokes her head out of the kitchen and says welcome home and smiles Hotaru was walking to her room when she heard her mom say dinner will be done soon Hotaru yells okay mom! she opens her bedroom door and remembers her school bag shes thinks for awhile and remembered it's at school she curses herself because there's a test tommorow after cursing she heard her twin brother calling her hotaru sighs and walks to his room and asks yes what do you want helios? helios asks how come you took so long to get home? Hotaru anwsers some friends bumped into me and asked if i wanted to go somewhere with them but i said no so they walked home with me she smiles Helios says haha i know your lying so tell me Hotaru sighs and then says okay some guy named Yamada bumped into me so we talked for a while thats all and she blushed and plus it wasn't that long she sticks her tongue out Helios was shocked to hear that name but he doesn't know why but he brushed it off his mind and laughs at his sisters blush and answers so what if you got stabed and then what? Hotaru just ingored what he said and helios and Hotaru went down stairs to eat dinner with their mom Maxine and dad Robert after dinner Hotaru went to her room and remembered that she forgot her bag at school and so she just watched tv and watched videos while singing along of course :) after she was done watching her videos she tried to remember what was on the test but no avail Hotaru got up from her bed and checked what everyone was doing mom was reading a book while dad's watching football and helios is reading manga while there all in the living room Hotaru goes back up stairs to her room she closes the door and goes to sit on her bed and remembers Yamada while blushing  Hotaru gets up and gets a pen and paper from her desk and writes Yamadas name in handwriting and sticks it in her pocket Hotaru sits back on her bed and out of no where she says Ryosuke Yamada she was shocked but happy Hotaru goes to turn off the lights to go to bed she leaves one light on and lies down on her bed and puts the covers on and slowly falling a sleep while thinking of Yamada with a smile In the morning Hotaru wakes up and looks at the digital clock it shows 7:30 am Hotaru gets out of bed and takes a quick shower hotaru walks to her closet and gets her uniform and puts it on after putting on her uniform and her fixing hair and a little make up she fixes her bed Hotaru opens her bedroom door and closes it and walks down stairs to eat breakfast her mom just finished breakfast she sits down and says good morning mom her mom replys good morning dear she looks at the stairs to see Helios walking down stairs lazy he looks towards Hotaru Hotaru is laughing at his lazyness Hotaru looks at her mom and sees she smiling at him helios sits down and dad comes down and sits down After breakfast Hotaru and Helios head out the door and walks to school together since there in the same school and grade the school isn't that far like only 10 mins or 5 mins Hotaru saw Yamada and tried hiding from him behind helios Helios asks what's wrong? so Hotaru came from behind helios and says nothing really just got nervous haha Helios just says oh and goes toward where his friends are leaving Hotaru alone looking at Yamada Yamada looks like he's looking for someone Hotaru blushes at the thought that he's looking for her Yamada looks toward Hotaru and starts to walk to her Hotaru is looking straight at him while blushing Yamada says Good morning Hotaru-Chan Hotaru was shocked from him saying chan already but says Good morning back Hotaru and Yamada walk to class together since there in the same class Hotaru sits in her desk while Yamada goes and gets his books in his locker he comes back and sits down in his desk just after him Hotarus best friends Chinen, Ryutaro, Keito walk in and say good morning to hotaru and just looks at Yamada with questioning eyes Hotaru says good morning back and seen there eyes asking why are you here and says you know Ryosuke Yamada right? all three nodded in chorus Chinen says good morning Yamada Yamada says good morning to you too Chinen Ryutaro and Keito seen their glares at eachother Ryutaro and Keito knows that Chinen loves Hotaru for awhile now Hotaru notices there glare and says wow! what is that for? Chinen and Yamada looks at her and smiles while saying nothing really Hotaru nods Hotaru looks at the door to see the two mean girls minako and rye well mean to her only nobody else. Minako and Rye both sees Chinen and Yamada at her desk so they go try and talk with them but Chinen says yes? what do you want ? same with Yamada the two girls just asks wanna come to the arcade after school? Chinen says no because he wants to chill out with Hotaru after school Yamada just says straight out no for the same reason the two girls just walked to their desks and sit down, Hotaru was smiling because they got denied but she didn't know they wanted to chill with her instead of minako and rye Ryutaro and Keito just sat there laughing quitely they all stopped laughing when the teacher lucy came in saying good morning class everyone replyed good morning teacher while everybody else is working Hotaru can't help the feeling someone's looking at her and looks at the back of her sure enough Yamada's looking at her Hotaru looks at Chinen who's working as usual she smiles and looks at the front of the class again and starts to work it's lunch time Hotaru goes out of the class and waits for her friends by her locker soon Chinen came then Yamada then the other two so they went to the cafeteria together got food and went to a table and ate while they were eating Ryutaro was whining about there's still classes after lunch all four of them laughed at his babyness after eating they went outside keito and ryutaro went out first then Chinen Hotaru was about to open the door to go outside when she felt someone grabbing her arm it was Yamada he dragged Hotaru to the boys bathroom Hotaru looked at him and asked why am i in the boys bathroom? Yamada answers sarcasticly because i can't go in the girls bathroom and pushed Hotaru againist the door and locked it and he started kissing her Hotaru was so scared she wanted to run but she was scared what might happen if she does Hotaru felt his tongue begging for enterance hotaru kept her mouth shut tears started to fall Hotaru felt Yamada put his arm around her waist and grab her  Yamada stopped and told her not to tell anyone or else he unlocked the door and told Hotaru to fix herself before coming out he went out of the washroom to be stopped by Chinen asking where Hotaru is Yamada lied and said i don't know man Chinen wenting running towards her locker Yamada smirked when Hotaru came out of the washroom Hotaru gave Yamada a death glare and went walking towards her locker but got stopped by Yamada holding her wrist he asked where she was going Hotaru answered with a rather angry voice my locker and pulled her wrist away Hotaru walked slowly towards her locker thinking what should i do but she decided not to say anything she seen Ryutaro and Keito run past her but stopped when they noticed it was her Chinen came running towards her too Hotaru asked what's wrong? Chinen answers what's wrong all of a sudden you were gone where were you ? he asked Hotaru answers i i i... was in the class room Chinen had a funny feeling hearing that but didn't want to get her upset so he said oh that's the last place i was gonna check haha while scratching his head Hotaru just nods and says ahh.. Ryutaro and Keito had a feeling to ask what really happened but decided not too Hotaru went behind Chinen when she seen Yamada Chinen looked where she was looking to find Yamada Yamada was smirking walking towards them Chinen asked what's wrong Hotaru? Hotaru comes from behind him and says oh nothing just playing hide and seek Chinen made a wt face and laughs haha Yamada says what's up? everyone says nothing just going to class execpt Hotaru who says nothing! Yamada just said oh let's go then  they all went to class for there test Hotaru felt unsave with Yamada now so she wanted to stay beside Chinen if she was with Yamada and him but if alone with Yamada that's bad at the end of school she looked at the blank assignment sheet Lucy made her take it home for homework Hotaru wasn't alone walking home Chinen, Keito, Ryutaro and Yamada were with her when Hotaru seen her house in sight she went in front of them and opened the door and yells i'm home and with friends her mom came from the kitchen and said welcome home Hotaru and welcome to my house hello Chinen, Ryutaro, Keito and who's this a new friend i see Hello I'm Maxine Tsukino and shakes his hand Yamada says hello maxine i'm Yamada Ryosuke nice to meet you Hotaru smiled at the fact she remembered Chinen, Ryutaro and Keito but frowned when she remembered Yamada was with them and her father was at work over time Chinen seen how her facial expersion changed Hotaru went upstairs to change in to her normal shirt and pants after changing Hotaru grabs her homework out and put her bag on her bed and sat down at her desk to do her homework it only took ten mins she went down stairs to find all her friends playing the xbox 360 on system link with her brother she smiled at the scene she went to the kitchen to help her mom with dinner since she brang more people to cook for we're cooking sheperds pie and cake for desert it took only 1 hour to finish Hotaru had fun cooking with her mom Hotaru went to check what everyone was doing Helios is being a show off on the game Yamada is looking at her but she ingored him and Chinen is reading a manga from her brother Ryutaro and Keito are watching Helios in amazment then she said you guys dinner is done!! and went running to the kitchen smiling and sat down everyone came one by one first Yamada, Chinen, Ryutaro, Keito and Helios they all sat down Yamada and Chinen sat beside Hotaru Helios sat beside Yamada and his mom Keito sat beside Ryutaro and Hotarus and helioss mom they all started to eat after dinner they all commented on how good the dinner tastes Hotaru and Maxine said Thank you with smiles maxine put some aside for Robert who will be home late Hotaru and Chinen cleaned the table while talking about school Hotaru frowned at her memory of what Yamada did to her Chinen seen her frown and asked what's wrong? Hotaru said sorry i didn't go outside with a frown Chinen said it's okay with an asuring smile Hotaru smiles and hugs Chinen Chinen was shocked from the hug but hugged back he says it's okay Hotaru while patting her back Hotaru hugs him tighter and whisper save me Chinen pushes her away a little and asks save you from what? and Yamada walks in on the scene he gives a glare to Hotaru and Hotaru pushes away from Chinen and walks to her room and leaves them to eachother while tears ecaped she closes the door and puts her hand in her pocket to find the peice of paper with Yamadas name on it she throws it in the garbage she goes to her desk and gets a pen and paper and writes save me Chinen Yuri and puts in her pocket and sits on her bed falling asleep on her friends mean while Yamada and Chinen are talking to eachother Chinen says if you hurt Hotaru there will be coneqents Yamada just laughs and says like what i maybe even hurt her more who knows and he smirks Chinen trys to punch his face but gets stopped by Ryutaro Ryutaro says you shouldn't fight in a house ecpectaily in a kitchen if your gonna fight do it outside or might in fact don't fight at all even if it's something or someone important okay? Yamada just smirks and says your smarter than you look now ryutaro was tryna punch him but Keito stopped him and said you guys stop it maxine might never let us come here if you guys fight in her house all four nodded and went to play games again they all left at supper time the time Helioss dad got back he ate and went to sleep.