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Chapter 1 – First day at High School

At home...

* Love me! Show me! Tell m- * My alarm started ringing again for the Nth times, since 7.30am.

So Ka-chan came in my room and opened the curtains to let the bright sunlight in. Then suddenly shouted, “LISA, wake up la!!” And started shaking me.

“Ka-chan.. close the curtains yo...its too bright....” I whined and turned around, pulling my blanket higher to cover my face.

“It's already 8 o'clock...you're going to be late if you don't wake up now!! And today's your first day going to high school ..!” She replied.

“Demo, I want to sleep.. I'm still very sleepy and its so warm in here ... Ka-chan, 10 more minutes la... ” I whined again.

She then continued, “Nope... I told you to sleep earlier last night, but you didn't listen and still talked with Chii and Yama-chan on MSN till 11pm; and if I let you sleep, after that you'll say 10 more minutes again! And one more thing, Yama-chan called earlier and said that he'll be here at 8.10am to pick you up. Then walk to school with you... that means he'll be here in 10 minutes... ” She smiled and grinned..

“HON TOUNI...?! Why didn't you tell me earlier...” I quickly got up, rubbed my eyes and looked at her, now standing beside the door and smiling, happy that her plan worked again like always.

“Ka-chan~!! You did it again...!! You promised me you won't do it again... since the last time you said it!” I pouted out my lips and my eyes nearly closed again, because I was still very sleepy.

“Hahaha... If I didn't do that, my sleepy Lisa-chan princess won't wake up! Haha...then she'll be late for school.” She replied and before she left, “ But this time, Yama-chan is really coming.. but in 20 minutes. So hurry up, I already made you breakfast downstairs.

20 minutes later...


“Ka-chan, I'll go open the door...” I quickly got up from my chair and ran to the door.

“Ohayo~!” Yama-chan was standing outside in his school uniform. * wahh.. hot! Haha...* I thought to myself and blushed.

“Yama-chan, oha ~yo!” I greeted back smiling.

“Uh.. Yama-chan ohayo!” Ka-chan came from the kitchen and greeted Yama-chan too. “Come in.. ano.. have you eaten breakfast yet?” She asked him.

“Hai~!” Yama-chan replied.

“Sou ka... Yama-chan wait.. I'll be fast! Hehe...” I quickly ran back to the kitchen table to quickly finish my breakfast, while Ka-chan and Yama-chan came in after me. Then Yama-chan laughed, “You wake up late again? Hahaha.. Baka, I told you to not talk so late...”

“Hehehe...” I slightly laughed while continued to quickly eat the food. *Why Ka-chan made so much food!! *

“UH! … Yama-chan I can't finish this.. You want to eat the rest?” I asked him, when I remember that it's his favourite kind of rice porridge. *Please help me finish it!! ONEGAI~!*

"O... if you say so... demo.. Lisa-chan, you sure you're full already?" He asked.

"Hai!" I nodded.

So Yama-chan quickly finishes the rest that was still in my bowl, while i just sat beside him watching him eat all the like he have never eaten it before.*hehehe.. Another reason why I love you so much~!! XD XD*

Yama-chan then gave me the bowl and asked, “So, want to start going now~!?”

“Un~!” I nodded and took the bowl to the sink.

“Ka-chan, we going la.. Jaa na” I reached for my school bag then we went to the door and wore our school shoes. “Auntie jaa~!” Yama-chan said after me.

“Jaa ne.. you two have fun at school~! And Yama-chan, make sure Lisa-chan is a good girl! Haha..” She said.

“Hai.. I'll make sure, she's a good girl! Haha...” He teased me.

“Oi.. Yama-chan.. you get in trouble more then me!” I quickly said back, making Yama-chan hit me on the head.

“Lets go la, Baka-chan~!!” He said when both of us were done, and then closed the door behind us.

At school...

“MINNA OHA~YO!” Yama-chan and I shouted out once we saw them standing around the schedule board, which shows all the classes and the timetable for each class.
"YAMA-CHAN! LISA-CHAN! O·HA·YO~!!" Chii yelled back to us, singing 'ohayo' out in syllables, with his high pitch voice. At the same time, he was waving his arms and jumping up and down because of his height.
"Ohayo!" Yuto, Keito and Ryutaro all then said afterward Chii and smiled.
“Wah... Yama-chan's so sweet, being a good boy-friend today~! Hahaha...” Yuto suddenly said teasing Yama-chan making Yama-chan and my face blush.
“Nani?!” Yama-chan whines while looking at them.
“Hahaha.. Un~! Un~! Going to school with Girl-friend, so other boys won't take YOUR Lisa-chan, right Yama-chan? Hahah...” Ryutaro continued mocking him.

*Flash Flash*

"Eh?! Where was that from?" All of us asked in unison. "HIKARU?!?!"
"Ohayo!" Hikaru, Daiki, Yabu, Yuya and Kei all said sang together.
“Hahahaha... I guess everything we said was right, look at this...*Points to a photo, with Yama-chan and me close together blushing, on his phone* ” Hikaru said in a mocking voice, showing the picture to everyone. But only not showing to us.
"HAHAHAHAHAHA... HAI~!!" They all nodded and laughed loudly..
“Nande yo.. Let me see! Let me see!” Yama-chan was shouting and reaching his hands to get the phone, while Jumping up and down because of his height, too.
"Nope~! Hahaha..." All the tall boys; Yabu, Takaki, Hikaru, Inoo, Keito, Yuto and Ryutaro, said in unison and passed the phone around.

“Anyway, why are you guys here?!” Yama-chan asked still panting hard from all the running and jumping.

So Yabu replied, “Because the college that we go to is only a few streets away from here.” Then he ruffled my hair and said, “And today is our Lisa-chan's first day of High school na~! So we all came to see~!”

"Hmm... Yabu is bakaro... he forgot about us already and all he only remembers is Lisa-chan..." Chii pouted his lips and crossed his arms, acting jealous.


"Hahaha... Yama-chan, Lisa-chan, minna we got to go la." Inoo said.

"Jaa ne!" All the older boys waved goodbye, and soon they were all out of sight...

“YOSH, first day of high school... MINNA LETS GANBARE!” Yuto shouted.

"Hai~!!" All of us agreed and placed our hands in the middle, on top of each other and screamed... "ICHI... NI...SAN...here we come~! hahaha.." making everyone around us, staring and thinking we're all BAKA.

“Uh.. I nearly forgot..! Chii, What class am I in?” I asked Chii who was standing next to me.

"You're in my class and.... YOUR BOY FRIEND'S CLASS!!" Chii shouted and ran.

"Oi.. you chibi chinen, don't let me catch you!! hahaha... " I shouted while chasing after him.

Then the rest of us were chasing him to our classroom as well, since we about to be late for class and it's the first day too!



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Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:08 pm (UTC)
the upper part of your story should have a title, author, pairing, genre, rating and summary... this is how it looks like...


If you have difficulty in summary... just put a brief or short description about your story... that would make it better and easy to be spot once you place it on community...
Jan. 3rd, 2011 06:07 pm (UTC)

i won't be posting it on one tho

Lisa has it on hers too ^^
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