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PROLOGUE – Love, Fight or Die


TITLE : Would you LOVE, FIGHT, or DIE for someone you love...?!
AUTHOR :lisa_yamada - Lisa (Yama-chan wife) + [info]gdsbutterfly - me (Chii wife) XD


MAIN PARINGS: (Daiki Arioka X Lisa Yamashita), (Lisa X Ryosuke Yamada), (Ryosuke Yamada X Hotaru), (Hotaru X Yuri Chinen)
CHARACTERS: JUMP – Ryosuke Yamada, Yuri Chinen, Daiki Arioka, Keito Okamoto, Yuto Nakajima, Ryutaro Morimoto, Yabu Kota, Yuya Takaki, Kei Inoo and Hikaru Yaotome, Lisa – Lisa, Hotaru – Katty, Tomohisa Yamashita, Yuuri Tatsuya (FAKE – someone we made up.. XD)
GENRE: LOTS of Love triangles, Romance, Angst, Smut, Fluff,
LENGTH: Multi-chapter
RATING: G to NC-17
WARNING(S): Character – death, Character – Pregnant

SUMMARY: Lisa was born in Australia. But when she was still a baby; her family had to move to Japan for business, which was where she met JUMP and became their best friend. Since little, she was their only girl best friend; and Daiki had a big crush on her. However, she loved Ryosuke. Even though at that time Lisa was still in elementary, she knows that all JUMP was only like big brothers for her, but only except for Ryosuke. She can feel something more... more than just a brother.. more then just best friends.... Ryosuke can feel something towards her too; but was very confused. If he compare Lisa with other JUMP boys, it is definitely something more too. But is it just like a Brother – Sister Love? Best – friend Love? Or is it the REAL Love – Love?! But soon, more and more problems arrived; one by one getting worser each time; separating them further apart from the one they truly love which that they'll do anything for them to be happy and safe...


Living in Australia, there lived a sweet yet a young couple - a 22 years old cute lady, Yuuri Tatsuya and a 23 years old handsome man, Tomohisa Yamashita. Everything went by smoothly as planned and every second means money to them. But one day something changed, it wasn't just them two anymore, inside Yuuri's tummy was another life forming. When their beautiful baby girl was born, they named her Lisa- 'Sa' from TomohiSA and 'Ri' from Yuuri but since they were living in Australia, Lisa sounds more correct. Lisa's parent were very busy business people and just after she was born, they had to move to Tokyo for business, which was where they met JUMP's parent. So 11 kids - Lisa and JUMP became best friends since then. In JUMP, there was 10 boys

Yabu Kota, who is like a older brother to them and very kind, but also very protective if anything happens.

Kei Inoo, who's really smart so he helps them to do homework to them.

Hikaru Yaotome, their mood maker when there down but sometimes can be a BAKA and makes stupid mistakes.

Yuya Takaki, the cool one out of the bunch.

Daiki Arioka, who is kind, cute and fun to play with. To them, he's the one who is the easiest to talk to, if there any problems, or just bored.

Keito Okamoto, JUMP's english boy and is the quiet one.

Yuto Nakajima, who is always happy one and is best friend with Yama-chan.

Ryutaro Morimoto, the youngest but also the most mature one.

RyosukeYamada, the cool and quiet one. He is smart, but when its come to LOVE, he's very slow and shy. But what is happen if she loves you, but you love another girl and that girl loves your bestfriend?

Yuri Chinen, out of JUMP the hyper one and also Yama-chan's best friend. BUT Chinen can become very scary if he's in a bad mood...

And lastly, there's Lisa Yamashita, the only girl that is JUMP best friend since childhood and is like JUMP's little precious sister and for Ryutaro, she was a kind big sister...

One afternoon,  little JUMP and Lisa wanted to playing mummy and daddy again, but every time whenever Lisa would be the mummy, both Ryosuke and Daiki would end up fighting to be the daddy. While they fight, all the rest would just sit and watch them fight. Even though, they were all still little; they could all tell that they both of them really like her.  And Lisa was still only in elementary, so she only thinks of them as her big brother. But except for only one boy, Ryosuke, she can feel something more... more than just a brother... more then just best friends...


A/N: Minna.. :D hope you like it, me and Lisa tried very hard ok~!! XD
SORRY for my bad grammar and bad ENGLISH...!! >//<
and please comment and if any one have ideas to make this more better, please say tell me ne~!! Hehe...  



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Oct. 17th, 2010 08:04 am (UTC)
ill try to read it and if i otherwise dont,
i acknowledge it
Nov. 21st, 2010 11:28 am (UTC)
ok :)
Nov. 24th, 2010 12:35 pm (UTC)
I read it... it's good... keep up
Just improve your english...
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