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Part 3

it pasted a 6 days

In the morning Chinen woke up looks around and remembered he stayed over night for 6 days then looked

at the digital clock which showed 7:00am on a saturday he went to use the washroom and washed his face

he walked out of the washroom and seen Hotaru still sleeping so he went down stairs to see if anyone is

awake sure enough maxine was sitting in the living room playing sudoku Chinen says good morning maxine
Maxine says good morning young man Chinen sits down on the couch and starts to read his manga mean

while Hotaru wakes up and looks around and sighs in relieve that she's at home now shes been out for 6

days she looks at the digital that shows 7:20am and saturday Hotaru gets up and washs her face and

checks her still hurt side goes to see if Helios is home she sees him still sleeping in bed and goes checks

on her dad he's sleeping too then she goes down stairs to check if her moms here she is shocked to see

Chinen sitting on the couch she walks into the living room with a small ow because she bumped into the

wall and says good morning you guys with a smile her mom says good morning dear oh! dear you woke up

finally and smiles Chinen stands up and says good morning, you've been out awhile and goes to asks why

she said ow from a little bump Hotaru says i was playing tag with Yamada and his sister Usagi when i

tripped and fell on the swing and laughs nervously haha Chinen says lets see how big the bruise is Hotaru

just yells no! and says i mean no and looks down Maxine looks at them and goes back to playing sudoku

Chinencan't help but say please can i see it and smiles Hotaru says okay but we have to go to my bedroom

Yamada and Hotaru head up stairs to hotarus bedroom Hotaru says close the door Chinen blushed but still

obeyed Hotaru sat on her bed and waited for Chinen to get comfortable Chinen goes and sits down at

Hotarus desks chair and asks is it really that bad to show your mom Hotaru nods and shows Chinen her

bruise Chinen was shocked at how big her bruise is he remembers she was at Yamadas place and asks

are you sure that's from a swing? Hotaru looks down and asks you don't believe me? Chinen just says i

know when you're lying to me Hotaru so tell me what happened Hotaru started sobbing and says i'm so

sorry i lie to you so much but if i tell you anything we'll be both in trouble Hotaru looks up and feels a gentle

kiss from Chinen and felt his tears there so warm just like hers Chinen parts there lips and both Hotaru and

Chinen blush Hotaru and Chinen head down stairs to see what everyone is doing and sees that hotarus dad
is up watching csi miami with her mom while Helios is awake too playing his psp Hotaru asked Chinen if he
wants to go for a walk after eating breakfast and watching tv with her parents Chinen wanted to but what if

they meet up with Yamada who knows what will happen to her but says yeah anyways so Hotaru goes to

asks her parents if they could go for a walk they both said yeah go ahead but said be careful too when they

went for a walk it was 12pm already Hotaru was still shy what happened this morning Chinen was thinking

of the scene as well and remember he didn't even say it at all he hopes she knows what his feelings are for

her he looks at Hotaru and asks hey do you know what my feelings are for you Hotaru nods and says yeah i

found out by helios not to long ago but i don't know my answer yet okay? Chinen nods and says i'm just glad

your still talking tome and smiles Hotaru says of course i'll talk to you still while smiling and says plus i read

lots of fanfics and knows you should still talk to the person who loves you because they'll feel hurt Chinen

smiles and says yeah a friend of mine felt that before with a pouty face Hotaru just laughs and pats Chinens

head Hotaru and Chinen went to the park not to far from Hotarus house Hotaru went straight towards the

swing same with Chinen Both Chinen and Hotaru jumped off the swing after swinging high Chinen had a

great landing to his feet but not Hotaru she fell on the ground and screamed in pain Chinen rushed to her

aid to see if she's okay Chinen asks if she's okay? Hotaru nods with a faint smile Hotaru tried standing up

but no avail so Chinen decided to pick her up bridal style and started walking toward Hotarus home but got

stopped by Yamada Yamada looked at Hotaru that's holding on to Chinen pretty tight Yamada smirks and

says thank you for making it not so hard to find her Chinen just kept on walking Hotaru whispers put me

down and run so you won't get hurt Chinen says no not without you and started running to her house

Yamada isn't a good runner compared to Chinen so Yamada is running pretty slow even though Chinen's

holding Hotaru he's still faster than Yamada Chinen sees Hotaru house in sight and says we're almost there
don't worry Hotaru says you know now that we're both in trouble right? Chinen says i don't care about me just
aslong as you're safe and stops at the front door and knocks just when Maxine opened the door Yamada

came in sight to Hotaru Hotaru's sure she seen Yamada smirk before blacking out Chinen looks at the

unconsious girl in his arms then looks at the clock and it's 2pm Maxine told him to take Hotaru to her

bedroom Chinen lied Hotaru on her bed and put the blanket on her and went to sit in her desk he has two

sheets of paper and a pen and draws her unconsious figure after two and a half hours it was done he folded
the paper and put it in his pocket and started the second drawing which is helios he is drawing helios so he

could give it to Hotaru because Hotaru wanted to draw good but not all people can draw good so he got

Helios to sit on the floor and give the peace sign and of course smile too it was 9pm when he finished helios
went to sleep after he was done it took so long because he drew Helios whole body and perfected it to so he
put it in her desk and found his name in big writing with question marks and happy faces on the sheet of

paper he smiled at the nice writing and happy faces he got up to shut the lights off but he left one light on so

he can sleep and still see Hotaru he layed down put the blanket on him and thinks of what will happen to

Hotaru and him since he ran away from Yamada it took half an hour to finally fall asleep and to think she'll be
fine everybody went to sleep before ten pm


In the morning Chinen gets up and takes a half an hour shower he comes out of the room to find Hotaru a

wake looking at her bruise Chinen blushes at the scene and sees her bruise got a little bigger and frowns

Hotaru doesn't noticed Chinen until she tryed poking her bruise because Chinen said not to touch it Hotaru

blushed at the fact she was being watched Hotaru looked at the time it was 8am on a sunday she got up

from the bed and when to change her close since she was still dirty from yesterday Hotaru was finished

changing so she came out of the washroom and asks how do i look? Chinen blushes and says very cute

and smiles Hotaru just laughs at his blush and says i guess that means i look great and smiles Hotaru

frowned at the pain she felt when she held her side and almosts falls but Chinen catches her and asks you

okay? Hotaru answers yuppers and smiles Chinen and Hotaru went down stairs to eat breakfast after

breakfast they went to Hotarus bedroom Chinen took the drawing he did last night and gave it to her Hotaru

loved it so she pinned it on her wall and says thanks Chinen says welcome and smiles Chinen and Hotaru

went down stairs to see everyone awake already since they did wake up late Helios was playing his psp

while Maxine is on her computer playing games and Robert's on the phone Chinen asks Hotaru if she wants

to play games ? Hotaru said yeah sure she went to the xbox 360 and turned it on they played the game

Modern warfare and Tekken 6 on xbox 360 for an hour Helios wanted to play so they got off and went to

Hotarus room to sing karoke they played for two hours after they were done singing they watched a movie the
movie was called Zombie land Hotaru says the movie was so phoney Chinen says i think it was funny by the

time the movie was over it was 12:30pm already Chinen and Hotaru went down stairs to look in the fridge for

something to eat after 5mins Hotaru found some cherry pie in the fridge and gave it to Chinen Chinen says

thanks and puts it on the table Hotaru asked if he wanted noodles for lunch Chinen just says anything as

long as i have cherry pie after it haha Hotaru just laughed and cooked two packges of beef noodles they both
sat down and ate lunch after lunch Hotaru asks if Chinen wants to go with her to buy things in the mall

Chinen answers sure lets go before going out Hotaru told her mom and left with chinen Chinen opened the

front door and closes it after hotaru went outside Chinen and Hotaru walk down the steps and towards the

gate Chinen walks out first and then Hotaru while walking to the mall Chinen and Hotaru talked about things

like there favorite color and other things Hotaru asks Chinen what his favorite color is ? Chinen answers

Green and anything dark colored and you? Hotaru says i like the color green and smiles Chinen asks whats

do you think will happen when we see Yamada? Hotaru had big eyes and says idk and frowns Chinen says

sorry for bringing that up Hotaru says it's okay and smiles Chinen smiles back Hotarus house ain't that far

from the mall only like 20 or 25 minute walk they see the mall and Hotaru asks if Chinen needs anything?

Chinen shakes his head and says i'm her with you only to maybe carry your bags Hotaru says ok and laughs
they walk towards the sewing store to buy some thread and needles so Hotaru can ask her mom to sew her

buttons on her uniform again but she still has to get it at Yamadas place Hotaru walks out of the store with

Chinen and walks to towards a store with nice shirts so she can buy a shirt since Yamada ripped one of her

shirts while walking out of the store Hotaru sees Yamada and hides behind a sign Chinen never seen

Hotaru move that fast before and then looks at what she's hiding from Chinen sighs in anger to see Yamada
Yamada walks into a store Chinen takes the chance to drag Hotaru and go home but Yamada seen them

and came out of the store and grabbed Hotarus wrist Chinen stopped to see what happen and sees

Yamada holding her wrist already Chinen walks towards Yamada and says let her go in a very angry voice

while still holding hotarus hand Hotaru just stands there watching them and both of them let go and she

steps backward a little Yamada says sarcasticly i did now what? Chinen just stares at him and then says

now leave her alone or else with a rather angry voice Yamada laughs and says i'll never leave her alone as

long as she lives Chinen punches Yamadas stomach and Yamada falls to the ground Yamada grunts and

stands up again and punches Chinens face and kicks Chinen two times and yells how dare you take her

away from me you bastard!! Chinen flew to the ground and grunts and gets up and throws Yamada to the

ground and yells i took her away because you beat her you little shit!!! Chinen was about to punch Yamada

but got stopped by Hotaru Chinen was shocked but stopped Hotaru says i'll go with him now leave before he
does more damage to you Yamada got up while smirking Chinen was shocked even more of what Hotaru

said Chinen grabs Hotarus hands and says be careful Hotaru and kisses her cheek Hotaru had a tear roll

down her cheek and says i will Yamada got mad by the moment they just had and drags Hotaru out of the

mall and walks toward his car and throws her in the back seat Hotaru hits her head and sees black Chinen

was running after the car for awhile but stops because he tripped and rolls Yamada watched him from the

rear view mirror and then looks at Hotarus unconious body smiling and says you'll never get away from me

now and smirks 


1month later Hotarus body was found in the river

no one knows how she died but Chinen is sure yamada did it for her trying to leave him

Chinen regreted letting her go with Yamada so much that he wanted to be with her and so he killed himself

by slicing his throat

so Chinen and Hotaru got to be with eachother for an eturnity

while Yamada was unsolved and kept living


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Dec. 31st, 2010 01:19 pm (UTC)
Ehhhh... Yamada killed her...
The story is kind of thriller but the your chapt 1 and 2 is quite not arranged properly...

Try breaking the lines of speech and description so that it will be clearer...
Dec. 31st, 2010 04:10 pm (UTC)
thank you for reading :D

i know i made a mistake but i tried to put spaces but it didn't work :(

do you like it? :D
Jan. 1st, 2011 04:04 am (UTC)
Re: :]
about the spaces... i guess you're using html when posting... try using the the plain text and separate by spaces... you're chapter 3 is fine... it was separated nicely...

Sure i kind of like it... and you have new uploaded fanfiction... the title is the new student and the first day of school?... right?...

I'll read it if i have time...
Jan. 3rd, 2011 06:02 pm (UTC)
Re: :]

okay ^^
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